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    Goal Plus Announces New Feature Upgrade On Goal Setting Mobile App

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    The main objective of ‘Goal Plus’ a new goal tracking mobile app is to allow users to track their progress towards specific life and personal goals. As app developers, they have a goal themselves – to make their mobile application easy to use while maintaining the most features of any product in the industry.

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    Goal Plus has announced that a new version of their top rated 'Goal Setting & Accountability App' has recently been released. The recent upgrade has implemented a variety of important new features.

    Goal Plus is a promising new mobile application that was released earlier this year for setting, monitoring, and achieving success through goal completion. The app utilizes mobile technology to enhance any and all areas of life through goal setting. It allows users to set a variety of personal and life goals, offering kudos for completing the goal tasks as scheduled while holding individuals accountable when results are not met.

    The Goal Plus mobile app lets users set multiple goals according to what steps they believe are involved in achieving specific goals. Users may determine that learning how to play the guitar in a month requires 45 minutes of practice six days a week. Each day, they log their progress in the app to determine if their end goal is or is not on track. With performance meters and push button progress notifications, users are motivated to stick to their goals on their own accord, and are reminded when they don't. Integrated social media sharing provides extra incentive so friends can hold them accountable on their path to personal success.

    The latest release includes the unveiling of a home screen background widget, the implementation of a daily task list feature, and monthly reporting summary capabilities. The ability to backup data has also been added for extra security and functionality.

    Adwil Solutions hopes that the upgrades to Goal Plus will help continue the app's push towards the top of the productivity category on Google Play. Goal Plus is a very diverse and flexible goal setting application that is not only powered by the latest technology but also offers the personal accountability needed for that extra edge in achieving personal success.

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    We have upgraded Goal Plus to implement some of the features that users have requested, including a home screen widget and more advanced tracking features. It is a sign of our commitment to continuously strive toward making Goal Plus the most complete goal tracking app on the market.
    - Team Goal Plus
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