Gold Jewelry Cleaner Offers Professional-Grade Cleaning at Home

  • Date: Dec 08, 2019
  • Category: Fashion

BrightDiamonds’ recently launched gold jewelry cleaner is now helping users with professional-quality cleaning at home. This powder-based product can also be used to clean diamonds, platinum, and all types of non-treated gemstones. Continue reading


Dec 08, 2019 /prREACH/ -- BrightDiamonds is happy to report an increase in sales and positive feedback from Amazon shoppers who are now relying on its gold jewelry cleaner to clean their jewelry at home. According to the brand and backed up by user reports, the product is extremely easy to use at home and requires just 10 minutes of cleaning time. It is safe for non-treated gemstones, including diamonds, and works on precious metals such as gold and platinum.

“Over time, even the most beautiful jewelry items can lose their dazzle because of exposure to everyday dust and dirt, soaps, oils, lotion, and other cosmetic products. Our professional jewelry cleaner provides an excellent opportunity for people to clean their favorite jewelry at home,” says Alyssa Stern, a spokesperson for BrightDiamonds. “This ammonia-free cleaning solution is absolutely safe to use and more effective compared to digital ultrasonic machines, sprays, steam, wipes, pastes, dazzler sticks, pens, and kits.”

BrightDiamonds informs that its brilliant jewelry cleaner does not require any polishing cloths or cleaning brushes. “Users are only required to create a cleaning solution by dissolving the powder in boiling water and keep their jewelry items in the solution for a few minutes. Finally, the jewelry items should be rinsed off in cold water under the tap,” Stern says. “This solution penetrates deep into the stilts and fissures to eliminate the dirt particles and grime trapped in these areas. We are extremely pleased with the response from users to date. Many have written reviews about how our powder has been effective for them and easy to use.”

I hate having to drop off my jewelry at the jeweler's to have it cleaned. It takes some days, and it’s just a hassle to make that stop to drop off and pick it up every single time it gets dirty. So I looked and searched for an easy solution and bought the BrightDiamonds product, and I have to tell you, I loved it! I am more than pleased with my purchase. Rings get super cloudy on the sides, and this solution cleaning wiped it all away! It’s incredible,” a delighted user mentioned in her Amazon review.

To find out more about BrightDiamonds’ Jewelry Cleaner Polish Powder Solution, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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