Google Hangout Shows How to Get Organized & Manage Business Contacts


Many people spend a massive amount of time attending events and networking and then never take the time to follow up with the potential business alliances that they met. Others simply have piles of business cards lying around with no real knowledge about who or what potential these cards represent.

During this thought provoking Google Hangout professional organizer Kathi Burns and electronic broadcasting mogul Alex Mandossian presented tactics to get organized by managing business contacts to create a million dollar database. Continue reading

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Mar 27, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Many people are cluttered and living in a state of overwhelm and disorganization. Kathi Burns wants to change that one Get Organized Google Hangout at a time. The hangout that aired March 27th covered the topic of using  and organizing business cards to create a million dollar database.

During this second of four Get Organized Hangouts titled - " How to Get Organized and Manage Your Business Contacts with Alex Mandossian and Professional Organizer Kathi Burns " Alex and Kathi shared tips and insights from the Amazon best selling book How to Master Your Muck ~ Get Organized. Add Space To Your Life. Live Your Purpose! A few of the tips included how to organize and save business contact information. When the best time is to create a database and what format should be used to preserve important names and numbers so that in the fitter they create a revenue flow of new business.

Everyone who attended this hangout received the free digital book "Get Organized and Manage Your Business Contacts". All participants were also entered into a contest to win a copy of the entire How To Master Your Muck book. Make sure to reserve a seat and join Kathi and Alex for the third Get Organized Google Hangout on Thursday April 4th at noon PST (pacific time).

Those who opt in will also receive a link to watch the previously recorded Google Hangout How to Get Organized and Get Rid of Paper Piles Forever along with a free copy of the digital book Master Your Papers.

On April 4th - Alex and Kathi will talk about How to Get Organized and Instantly Improve Productivity to Make More Money in Less Time and With Less Effort On April 11th - They will provide easy to follow steps to Get Organized and Spend Less Time Being Overwhelmed by the Number of Emails in the inBox


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Kathi Burns CPO

If you need help with your organization skills Kathi Burns is definitely the person to help you. Thank you Alex Mandossian. You're truly an amazing "Host".
- Richard Otey
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