American Leptin Pharmaceuticals Unveils The New Leptin Green Coffee 800 Series


GREEN COFFEE 800, a leading American Leptin Pharmaceuticals adds the list of green coffee 800 success stories.

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Aug 17, 2015 /prREACH/ -- GREEN COFFEE 800, a leading American Leptin Pharmaceuticals added to the list of green coffee 800 success stories. It announced the launch of its new Leptin Green Coffee 800 series- a new formula which is a drug free, dietary supplement that was developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When they are used with healthy diet plans, this product stimulates the body to burn extra fats and calories.

A blend from herbal extracts and minerals gathered from the various parts of the world makes this product all natural and free of synthetic ingredients. The weight loss version of this product contains the anti-oxidant qualities recommended for weight loss by a process called Thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a process which speeds up the metabolism of fat, hence leading to weight loss. It also contain vanadium and chromium which handles the digestion and metabolism of excess carbohydrates, and finally, it has Panax Ginseng which helps in maintaining high energy levels during the dieting process. In order to curb the appetite while beginning to burn fats, heart leaf is also one of the ingredients of this supplement.

Green coffee 800 offers customers a truly unique opportunity to try a rare and medicinal coffee. The addition of the various components of dietary monitoring and calorie burning reinforces the Green Coffee 800 brand’s continued commitment to source the highest and best quality coffee from around the world for an unrivaled coffee experience for its customers worldwide.

American Leptin Pharmaceuticals are therefore, trying their best to ensure that their products are recognized all over the world and for this reason; they have laid down a number of strategies. One of the strategies they are using is to get advertising agencies across the world who are willing to advertise their products. This is a very important way of having products known worldwide hence, increasing the product’s market penetration.

As a routine, the company posts information on their website, including its new releases and important product findings and changes, if any. The company also encourages investors and innovators to consult this section of the website on a regular basis for a continued flow of information they may need. In addition to this, subscribing to the company’s automatic email news release delivery, individuals will receive news in real time as it is released and updated.

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