Grip Strength and Gout Correlation Discussed in New Gout and You Blog Post

  • Date: Aug 23, 2021
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Gout and You, a blog for people with gout, has recently published a new post explaining the correlation between grip strength and gout. The blog’s author is a long-time gout patient and Gout and You founder, Spiro Koulouris. Continue reading


Houston, Texas, Aug 23, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Gout and You continues its tradition of coming up with insightful discussions to help people with gout lead healthy lives. In a recent post, founder Spiro Koulouris has explained the relationship between grip strength and gout. Koulouris has had gout for over a decade and created Gout and You to share gout remedies, product updates, lifestyle tips and much more.

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According to Koulouris, many factors can adversely affect grip strength, including gout. Although gout affects the toe joint most commonly, it may also impair other joints, such as the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and fingers. When there is gout around the wrists and fingers, it can result in a weak grip.

Koulouris talks in detail about several ways to measure grip strength. Out of all these methods, he suggests using a handgrip dynamometer. He also shares some warning signs of a weak grip. These include constantly dropping things or failing to squeeze a bottle.

To help readers strengthen their grip, Koulouris recommends the following tips:

  • Using a grip strengthener
  • Playing with grip toys
  • Performing hand exercises
  • Seeing a physical therapist

Koulouris also offers some useful tips to cope up with poor grip strength:

  • Using liquid chalk, mechanical grabbers, and dycem cone gripper
  • Wearing rubber gloves
  • Using ergonomic tools

“Grip strength is not just about being able to perform basic tasks. It speaks a lot about your overall health. So, it’s really important to pay attention to this area and find ways to remedy it before it’s too late. Simply observe your way of carrying out tasks daily, and if you notice a problem, ask help from medical professionals and also take advantage of ergonomic tools available in the market,” he concludes.

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