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    HealthCare Connections Announces New Anatomical and Clinical Pathology Lab Jobs for February 2015

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    HealthCare Connections, Inc. announces the availability of New Medical Laboratory Jobs for February 2015 for Anatomical Pathology and Clinical Pathology Labs. HCI provide medical staffing and recruiting firm that focuses “exclusively” in the laboratory industry.

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    HealthCare Connections Inc. focuses on helping Healthcare Professionals find the ideal Clinical or Anatomical Pathology Positions in the desired location with deserved compensation and without a struggle.

    HealthCare Connections recently announced new Anatomical and Clinical Pathology Lab jobs now available in the healthcare industry.

    Healthcare workers who are currently in the market for a new lab job or those that might be thinking of making a move in the near or distant future find HealthCare Connections a valuable resource. Changing jobs and advancing in one’s career often goes hand-in-hand with the consideration of relocation. Being open geographically to location might be the driving strategy behind a job seekers search. Particularly when the individual seeking employment is in a specialized and niche field such as Clinical and Anatomical Pathology; where job opportunities may be few and far between.

    Growth job opportunities are often limited when job seekers are only targeting opportunities within a particular local market place. However, candidates who are willing to relocate often face the added challenge and stress of not understanding a new market place, compensation ranges and competing with others on a local level.

    Most people have experienced plenty of frustration during a job search especially when submitting resumes to job postings. This process is frequently slow and characterized with a lack of control. There is never enough feedback as to the status of ones submittal, not to mention the limited amount of information forthcoming from the hiring companies.

    It is easy to feel during this process that no one values or understands the job seekers specific skill sets and experiences or gives them the respect they deserve. In addition, there is the fear and anxiety over the unknown if they do make a career change. Not knowing where they might end up, not having valuable insight to their new employer or what happens if the new job does not work out, how will they pay their bills?

    Most have experienced these fears and insecurities at some point in their careers when at a cross roads. What if there were options and resources available to job seekers with regards to the lab industry and their career search?

    What's needed is a resource that could offer the necessary guidance and insight into the career trends, job availability and compensation packages in the healthcare industry. HealthCare Connections, Inc. can be that valuable resource. They have recruiters who specialize exclusively in recruiting and staffing for Clinical & Anatomical Pathology labs nationwide.

    Currently HCI has over 250 lab jobs available across the country.

    Many of HCI's positions include confidential Laboratory Employment Opportunities that are not publicly posted; as HCI is often hired to assist with non advertised jobs. They have the industry knowledge and the contacts to help healthcare workers find the right position to move their career forward.

    This week HealthCare Connections, Inc. announced new Medical Laboratory Jobs for February 2015 with Anatomical Pathology and Clinical Pathology Labs. The jobs opportunities include:

    • Permanent Positions
    • Short and Long Term Travel/Locums Contracts
    • Short and Long Term Per-Diem Contracts

    Recently added Job Titles available through HCI are as follows:

    • Medical Technologists - Eve & Nights, Perm
    • Clinical Lab Technical Specialist - Days/Eves
    • Medical Technologist - Nights, Perm
    • Medical Technologist - Perm 2nd & 3rd Shifts
    • Blood Bank Technologist - Night Shift
    • Clinical Laboratory Scientist - 2nd Shift, Perm
    • Clinical Laboratory Scientist - Micro, Days, Perm
    • Clinical Laboratory Scientist - Perm, Nights
    • Lab Director
    • Clinical Laboratory Scientist - Travel, 3rd shift
    • Manager - Core Lab
    • CLS - Generalist - Perm, 3rd Shift
    • Clinical Lab Scientist - Evening Shift
    • Certified Phelbotomist
    • Lab & Patient Services Manager
    • Histotechnician, Days
    • Anatomic Pathology

    HealthCare Connections Inc., was founded in 1997. Since its inception, they have made a decision to specialize "Exclusively" in providing laboratory staffing and recruiting services to both laboratory professionals and to lab facilities nationwide.

    100% of the company and staff’s time and effort are spent interacting and networking within the lab industry. They do not staff or recruit for any other discipline or industry!

    Over the past 18 years, HCI has helped place over 2,000 Clinical & Anatomical Laboratory Pathology Professionals across the U.S. making them a leader & expert in staffing the Laboratory field. Through this achievement and their extensive networking capabilities they have built strong working relationships with over 3,000 Laboratory Facilities. These include many of the top University Hospitals, Reference Laboratories, Blood Banks, Medical Centers, Critical Access Hospitals, Anatomical Pathology Groups, Bio-Tech Organizations & Government Facilities throughout the US.

    They are also very proud to have earned and maintained an approved vendor relationship with the U.S. Government since 2003 and still actively provide lab staff to Government facilities nationwide.

    Search Anatomical & Clinical Pathology Jobs Here

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    Over the past 18 yrs. HealthCare Connections Inc., has built strong working relationships with 3,000 plus Laboratory Facilities. This includes many of the top University Hospitals, Reference Laboratories, Blood Banks, Major Medical Centers, Anatomical Pathology Labs, and Bio-Tech & Government Facilities throughout the US. Over the past 18 years, HCI has helped place over 2,000 Clinical & Anatomical Laboratory Pathology professionals across the U.S. making them a leader & expert in staffing the laboratory field.
    - Joel Trujillo
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