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BHearing personal hearing amplifiers from Jabees are now helping users understand conversations better, regardless of the environment. The device functions as hearing aid and helps create a personalized hearing profile. Continue reading


Mar 15, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Jabees is pleased to announce that its recently released product BHearing is now making lives easier for individuals suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. These hearing amplifiers with headphones help users understand conversations better in any environment. The product comes with an app for customization and is discreet and stylish. BHearing is suitable for all ages, and the BHearing App allows users to create personalized hearing profiles and control the noise and surrounding sound.

The PSAP headphones from Jabees are specially designed to help users hear every word of the conversation in louder environments. Built around active noise-reduction technology, BHearing focuses on what users want to hear and filters out the noises they don't. It is also possible to tune up and down the noise reduction level based on different social settings. With INR technology, it automatically suppresses the impulse sound to prevent any harm to hearing.

BHearing is particularly useful for people suffering from mild or moderate hearing loss but aren't ready to start using hearing aids. Using the BHearing app, the users can fine-tune their profile in real-time based on their needs. The product also offers a dual-charging option with a charging cable and charging capsule.

Mentioned below are some of the most important features of BHearing:

  • Self-test of hearing without a doctor's visit.
  • Creation of personalized hearing profile via the app
  • Active noise cancellation with adjustable levels
  • Detachable and rechargeable battery for an all-day hearing boost
  • Portable charging case
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling & music streaming
  • Modern and stylish design for all ages
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation
  • Sweat Proof IPX4

"I am very happy and very satisfied with this product. Thanks for producing this. This saves me thousands of dollars. A hearing aid with this feature would have cost me $5,000. I love this, I can fine-tune the sound with BHearing app. I had hearing aids before that cost me a lot of money but didn't sound good. The audio quality of BHearing is excellent and crystal clear. I highly recommend this product to anybody or everybody that needs a hearing aid," a highly satisfied user mentioned.

To find out more about the BHearing personal sound amplifier (PSAP) headphones, please visit the company's official website.


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