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Jabees BHearing hearing amplifiers for adults and seniors are now up for sale in Amazon. These PSAP headphones are equipped with several brilliant features such as noise reduction, clear hearing, dual microphone, feedback cancellation, etc.
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Mar 26, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Jabees is pleased to announce that its BHearing hearing amplifiers are now available on Amazon, the world’s largest and most trusted online marketplace. The digital and self-fitting personal sound amplifier headphones help users understand conversations better in any environment. Users can also create their personalized hearing profile and control the noise and surrounding sound using the BHearing app.

The PSAP headphones from Jabees allow users to go through a personalized fitting without visiting a doctor. They can access their preset modes as necessary for different social settings, such as general, traffic, restaurant, and outdoor. The BHearing app allows them to fine-tune these profiles in real-time and automatically select a preset based on ambient volume. If there is a need to adjust the frequencies for a further customized hearing experience, users have access to as many as 32 frequency bands.

“BHearing focuses on what you want to hear and filters out the extra noise. This is accomplished with the help of a multifaceted system that includes the BHearing app, Smart Hearing Processing Engine, and BHearing headset,” said Louisa Cheng, the senior spokesperson for Jabees. “This system utilizes two-directional microphones to further alleviate noise. Finally, INR (Impact Noise Reduction) technology automatically suppresses sharp impact sounds to prevent harm to hearing.”

Jabees informs that BHearing easily clips around the neck with a magnetic clasp. The neckband is made from IPX4 with nano-coating, which renders the device sweatproof. It comes with small, medium, and large in-ear tips for the ultimate comfort and fit. Also, these rechargeable hearing aids can be charged by plugging the charging cable directly into the neckband or connecting the charging cable to the charging case.

Recommending the product, a satisfied user mentioned, “These earplugs have been great because my wife doesn't have to yell at me anymore when I don't hear her the first time... Lol! ... I especially like wearing it when we're out at a restaurant when I normally can't hear what everyone else is saying at our table due to all the background noise. Really nice not having to constantly ask ‘what did you say?’"

To find out more about Jabees BHearing hearing amplifiers, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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