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    Heavens Law Files Federal Suit On Behalf of Construction Worker

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    Chris Heavens of Heavens Law Firm has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a victim who claims that a contractor’s lack of proper warning signs were responsible for a car accident that caused severe injuries.

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    Chris Heavens of Heavens Law Firm, a practice that spans both West Virginia and Pennsylvania, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Charles Mathues of Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, who was injured in a car accident when a car ran into him at a construction site on Kerlin Street in Chester.

    Mathues claims in his suit that the contractor's lack of warning signs around the work area was a clear violation of local and state ordinances and was the promixate cause of his injuries. He is requesting compensatory damages as the result of two counts of negligence against his employer, Metra Industries, Inc.

    The accident occurred at a site where the Chester Water Authority in Delaware County had hired Metra to perform work on a section of the water distribution system. Mathues had allegedly parked a work truck out of the way of traffic when another car rammed the back of the vehicle, causing it to hit him and throw him into the air. He suffered several injuries including an ACL tear and emotional distress, according to the complaint.

    Metra Industries was cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for failing to place warning signs around the work area.

    Chris Heavens is a West Virginia personal injury attorney as seen at http://www.heavenslaw.com/lawyer-attorney-1871951.html who is also licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. For many years, this West Virginia personal injury lawyer as seen at http://www.heavenslaw.com/lawyer-attorney-1890183.html has represented the interests of victims of many types of cases including car accidents, work-related injuries and product liability complaints. As a personal injury attorney in West Virginia and Pennsylvania as seen at http://www.heavenslaw.com/lawyer-attorney-1889099.html, Chris Heavens has spent many years defending the rights of victims against large corporations and insurance companies.

    The federal case ID number is 2:14-CV-04772-GAM.

    About Chris Heavens: For more than 20 years, Chris Heavens has offered his help to victims of all types of injury accidents. With offices in both West Virginia and Pennsylvania, Chris Heavens and the staff at Heavens Law Firm are ready to work with victims to ensure they recover the compensation to which they are entitled.

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    Chris Heavens Heavens Law Firm PLLC 2438 Kanawha Blvd East Charleston, West Virginia 25311 (800) 718-3308 [email protected] http://www.heavenslaw.com


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