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    HERBALIZER keeps customers informed with new videos

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    How-to videos help customers get the most from devices.

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    Vaporizing has become all of the rage, and Herbalizer has created a device that allows users to manage pain and feel less stress using herbs, while it can be combined with essential oils to provide the benefits of aromatherapy. Users who are new to vaporizing have questions, and the team from Herbalizer has gone the extra mile in helping customers by providing a series of how-to videos.

    This series, which contains five videos, are based on five of the most-asked questions by customers who want to get the most from their devices. New customers who have recently purchased Herbalizer and those who are considering making the purchase will benefit from the Welcome video, which provides an overview of the device, including all of the accessories included that make it ready to use right out of the box.

    What Shape Is Your Bowl?” discusses how the Herbalizer was created. Every detail was carefully planned to make this product superior to competing vaporizers, and this video outlines the process behind the product. The next video in the series is “Bags, Whips, and Bowls … Oh My!” discusses the different methods of vaping, including freestyle, balloons, and whips, that allow users to take their experience to the next level.

    “A Clean Herbalizer is a Happy Herbalizer!” outlines the steps required to keep Herbalizer functioning as it should. Users can expect top performance with every use with this easy cleaning guide. The last video in the series is a discussion of how Herbalizer is different from the rest, and how this product improves the vaping experience. These videos are designed to provide customers with the utmost satisfaction, allowing each user to learn more about the product and how it can be used in the most beneficial way. These simple yet informative how-to videos provide the knowledge customers need to make an informed purchasing decision and easily obtain all of the benefits Herbalizer has to offer.

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