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Ted Roberson, Home Standard founder and successful Amazon seller, located the best essential oil diffuser to provide aromatherapy benefits in the home and now wants to share this beneficial product with others. To help buyers understand the benefits of many essential oils, Roberson includes a no-added-cost eBook “The Beginners Guide to Essential Oils”.

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Mar 25, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Ted Roberson, founder and CEO of Home Standard, announced today the addition of the best essential oil diffuser for use in home or office as the latest addition to the Home Standard product line.

The Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser allows the user to add tap water to the easy-to-fill reservoir, add two to four drops of the essential oil of their choice and the diffuser will generate mist to provide aromatherapy benefits.

The diffuser also has seven soothing lights that can be set to change colors to help relax or meditate, stay on any single color chosen or the light feature can be turned off.

Roberson researched aromatherapy benefits and effective ways to deliver these benefits to the user. He learned that lavender essential oil provided this benefit. He chose the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser because the device provides quality and effectiveness combined with affordability.

His research and personal testing proved that higher priced diffusers were often more difficult to user, of the same or lessor quality, and few provided the seven dazzling colored lights. Now, Roberson wants to share this top-quality product with others.

Roberson said, “I wanted to try natural essential oil aromatherapy for the benefit of better sleep. Breathing the water diluted essential oil mist allows the essential oil reach the lungs quickly; I feel that’s the best way to get the essential oils into the body at safe levels. It also provides wonderful scents. My family now has a collection of essential oils to provide benefits like mood improvement, improved sense of well-being, germicidal properties to prevent illness, energy boosts, to name just a few.”

Roberson found that other essential oil diffusers failed to include any type of guide to allow the user to easily know which essential oils provided which benefits. He crafted “The Beginners Guide to Essential Oils” and included it with each Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser at no extra cost.

The Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser is light weight and very easy to use. It uses ordinary tap water that is used to dilute the essential oil to safe levels and the water reservoir is easy to access and clearly marked so you know exactly when the reservoir is at the maximum operating level.

It has an automatic shut off switch to prevent burnouts if the unit is left on with no water in the reservoir, a great safety feature. The unit provides six hours of pleasant aromatherapy on a single reservoir refill.

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To learn more about the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser, Visit the Aromasent Blog at Aromasent.com to learn essential oil facts, healthy natural lifestyle tips, and much more.
- Ted Roberson
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