Horse Scrapbook for Kids Praised as Perfect Gift for Girls


SMITCO releases its horse scrapbook that fosters creativity and is a trendsetting gift for girls.

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Belton, MO, Jul 25, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Horse gifts for girls have become popular on Amazon recently. One company, SMITCO, believes that this trend is a positive step toward fostering creativity in young people. The company has been praised for its recent releases, including its horse scrapbook for children.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, "Our horse-themed scrapbook for girls puts a creative twist on a classic gift. With our products, young children can access their imagination and create something that they can be proud of."

Studies show that when children are engaged with their toys and asked to be creative, they learn better in school. SMITCO says that its horse-themed scrapbooks encourage children, especially girls between the ages of 5 and 10, to tell stories and think imaginatively.

The scrapbook has been praised as a popular gift for girls by Amazon customers. Full of colorful illustrations and stickers, the scrapbook locks up like a private journal -- a feature SMITCO believes encourages young people to be as creative as they want without fear of judgment. With notable attention to detail, the scrapbook is also scented and comes with 113 different pieces, such as stickers, pens and jewels.

Many customers have written about the affordability and aesthetic attractiveness of the product, as well as other SMITCO toys. The scrapbook has earned increased attention online since its release. This success goes hand-in-hand with the resurgent popularity of arts & craft toys among younger children.

Providing engaging toys for young people can be hard, especially with all the attention-grabbing gadgets and electronics on the market, says the company. One customer wrote that her "granddaughter had been happily playing with the scrapbook for days."

A return to non-electronic products for children offers interesting points to learn and foster creativity, SMITCO believes. Its scrapbook for kids allows children to enjoy themselves while learning valuable organizational skills.

Readers interested in SMITCO's horse scrapbook or its other products can visit the Amazon storefront or follow SMITCO on social media.


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