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    Hot Tub Dealer Denver, Swim Spas Sale Shares Tips to Relieve Stress

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    Denver Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Dealer, International Hot Tub Company, Provides Stress Busting Tips. Offers Residents Free Hot Tub and Swim Spa Test Soaks.

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    International Hot Tub Company selling hot tubs, swim spas and fireplaces serving Denver, Boulder and Highlands Ranch shares, “3 Quick Stress Relieving Tips.”

    Jill Seng of International Hot Tub says, “Stress is a triple threat to health. It effects emotions, mental wellness and physical health. It doesn’t have to be a damaging problem, however.”

    Here are three quick stress-busting tips to help people deal with their stressful lives.

    Sink into a Relaxing Hot Tub – When life gets tough, sink into a warm, soothing hot tub. The temperature control on a portable spa makes it much more relaxing than a pool or bathtub, because there’s no fiddling with water to keep it at the right level of warmth. People can choose the exact temperature that is comfortable for them, and know it will stay at that temperature for as long as they need it to relax.

    Denver hot tubs offer more than just consistent temperature, though. They have powerful massage jets, not just the bubbling water in a whirlpool tub. Strong, directional jets work out the kinks of tense muscles and soothe aches and pains from a long day.

    Get a Soothing Massage – Hire a masseuse to work out the tension of knotted muscles. Stress makes people tense up and that causes painful muscles, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. A massage will work out those kinks, and help people relax and release the anxiety and stress from their bodies.

    There are several choices for getting a massage. If there’s time, drive to a local massage parlor. It’s more relaxing to have a masseuse come to a home. They can bring a portable table that is comfortable and padded, and offer a massage right there in private without the client needing to drive to get to them.

    Zone Out for a Few Minutes – Simply taking the time to shut down mentally for a few minutes can go a long way to resolving stress in a tense situation. Of course, people should not use this technique when driving, operating machinery or on the job anywhere. However, when it’s possible to be alone for a few minutes safely, people can close their eyes for a few minutes, or just mentally “turn off” and let the immediate stress deflect off of them.

    To help educate the public on how hot tubs and hot water hydrotherapy can help improve overall health and well-being, International Hot Tub Company will provide free hot tub test soaks at all their locations during the entire month.  They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute test soak call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

    Consumers wanting to learn more are encouraged to pick up a copy of this free guide, 7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Investing with a Hot Tub Dealer. Just call 303-296-7727 or visit http://IHTspas.com.

    About International Hot Tub Company Since 1978, IHT - International Hot Tub Company has been providing the finest products and services available in the hot tub, spa and fireplace industries.  They offer hot tubs including Hot Spring Spas, Caldera Spas, Limelight, Hot Spot, FreeFlow and Nordic and also features used hot tubs with the list changing daily.

    IHT carries many other fine home products in their showrooms, including Exercise Swim Spas by Endless Pools, Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts by Kozy Heat, Napoleon & Vermont Castings, custom Saunas and Steamrooms, Gas and Charcoal BBQ Grills by Weber and The Big Green EGG, Massage Chairs by Infinity, and Gazebos by Sequoia Works.

    To pick up a copy of their free hot tub buying guide, 7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Investing with a Hot Tub Dealer call 303-296-7727 or go to http://ihtspas.com.

    International Hot Tub Company 4275 N Broadway, Ste A Denver, CO 80216 303-296-7727

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    Stress is a triple threat to health. It effects emotions, mental wellness and physical health. It doesn’t have to be a damaging problem, however.
    - Jill Seng of International Hot Tub
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