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    Hot Tub Mesa, Chandler Dealer Publishes Tips for Relationship Wellness Month

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    Arizona Swim Spa Dealer in Mesa and Chandler Selling Hot Tubs and Portable Spas Shares “Three Tips to Keep Relationships Strong Enough to Last a Lifetime”. Offers Free Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    Southwest Spas, a Phoenix hot tubs, swim spas and Dimension One Spas dealer serving the Phoenix, AZ area publishes “Three Tips to Keep Relationships Strong Enough to Last a Lifetime”.

    “Relationships deserve more than one day centered on chocolate, flowers and greeting cards,” said Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas. “It takes real work to keep relationships strong and healthy.” Here are three great tips for building, maintaining and renewing relationships to help people create bonds that last a lifetime.

    Remain Involved in Outside Interests - Avoid faking an interest in a partner’s hobbies or activities. It doesn’t serve anyone well to force an interest in something that won’t carry over into a lifetime of involvement.

    To keep a relationship strong, show interest in the things a partner does, but only when they really do have an appeal. That way it is possible for both people in the relationship to enjoy doing things together that will create memories and strengthen their bond.

    It’s fine not to be interested in everything a loved one does. Whether it is a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a child or a close friend, no one has the exact same interests as another person, and that’s okay. It is what makes each person an individual, and a smart partner will encourage their loved ones to seek out the things that are fun for them even if they aren’t appealing personally.

    When a loved one has interests that do not involve the other partner, it is still important to show support by talking to the other person about the things they are doing. That is what strengthens the connection even when not doing the same things all of the time.

    Eliminate Tunnel Vision - Even relationships can have tunnel vision. Tunnel vision happens the most at the start of a relationship. Every emotion, feeling and desire is heightened and the focus is on the other person to the point that nothing else seems to exist at times.

    This can create a vacuum that sucks all the life out of love quickly. No two people can be everything and all things to each other. Make sure each party in a relationship has the time and encouragement to maintain outside interests and relationships. Avoid being possessive and afraid to let loved ones seek their own outside enjoyment.

    Create Fun Times Together with a Mesa Hot Tub – It is important to remember to set aside time to spend together as a couple, family or as friends to improve relationships even when everyone is busy with their own interests and hobbies. Having a place at home that is inviting, fun and luxurious is a sure way to make it easy to spend time together no matter how hectic the days are.

    A hot tub is perfect for adding romance to a relationship, but it also offers a lot for all forms of relationships from parental/child relationships to friends and extended family relationships. Heat up the hot tub to a comfortable temperature and enjoy the way it maintains the perfect level of heat while everyone gathers around and enjoys the time spent together.

    To help local residents understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, Southwest Spas will provide free hot tub test soaks during the entire month. They want to encourage local residents to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub for themselves.

    Consumers wanting to learn more about hot tubs or about the $500 Wellness package (Massage Certificate/Health and Beauty Items) with the purchase of hot tub or swim spa this month are encouraged to visit the company website at http://www.SouthwestSpas.com.

    About Southwest Spas In 1983, Southwest Spas was founded as a family owned and operated business. Originally established as a pool, spa and patio supply company. The desire to help people in need of therapy, stress relief and family time motivated them to focus their efforts on spas. They pride themselves in providing the highest quality spa line in the industry along with exceptional customer service.

    Southwest Spas has achieved elite status with Dimension 1 Spas along with multiple "Dealer of the Year" awards for sales and service. Their business is still owned and operated and sales are based mostly on referrals. They have changed thousands of people's lives by providing state of the art products that relieve pain, stress and bring friends and family together. They'd love for residents to be a part of their growing family.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of their free report “First Time Spa Buyers Most Frequently Asked Questions.”  Just go to http://www.SouthwestSpas.com or call 480-969-6224.

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    Relationships deserve more than one day centered on chocolate, flowers and greeting cards. It takes real work to keep relationships strong and healthy.
    - Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas
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