Hot Tub Store Sioux Falls, Dealer Publishes 3 Healthy Tips for Better Holidays


Swim Spa Sale, Pool & Spa Dealer, Publishes “Three Healthy Living Tips for Better Holidays”

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Dec 21, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Combined Pool and Spa of Sioux Falls, selling new and used hot tubs, portable spas, saunas, swim spas and swimming pools publishes “Three Healthy Living Tips for Better Holidays”.

“Yes, it is the season for fun, parties and…well, weight gain,” said Tom Junck president of Combined Pool and Spa. “There are get-togethers, meals, parties and events that add to the calorie busting days during the holiday period. There are additional stress-inducing holiday situations that make it harder to keep weight off, keep up with exercise and enjoy the time with family and friends.”

“Between shopping and dealing with crowds and traffic, the holidays are as difficult to deal with as they are fun. It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle in spite of all of the stress and food,” continued Junck. Here are three tips for better holidays that are fun, but won’t destroy diets and health.

Write Down Reasons for Sticking to Good Eating and Exercise Habits – The rush of the holidays makes it easy to forget what is really important. Along with the reason for the events: spending time with family and friends, people can keep their resolve to live healthy while enjoying parties and gatherings by focusing on the goals that are important to them.

Writing down the reasons for watching a diet, or exercising regularly, and living healthier is a good start to maintaining the resolve all during the holidays. Post the list in a visible place so it is seen every day, and brings the focus back to where it belongs, instead of on food and over-indulgence.

Accept Occasional Slips – People can be too hard on themselves when they over-eat or forget to exercise during the holidays. This is supposed to be a fun time, and as long as it isn’t a regular occurrence, it is okay to eat a little bit more, or forget to exercise once or twice.

If people focus on a momentary slip, they may decide to just give up altogether and end up gaining far more weight during the season than they would if they just took a little slip in stride. When people have fun and cut themselves some slack, they are more likely to get back to their diet and exercise plans right after the holidays as well.

Make Time for Relaxation – Set aside 20 to 30 minutes per day at the end of the day to relax and get rid of the tension and stress of running around and partying. Enjoy a long soak in a Sioux Falls hot tub before bed for extra holiday stress and weight control.

A study by Thomas Allison, M.P.H, Ph.D., from the Mayo Clinic showed that soaking daily in a hot tub helped people lose weight and control their blood sugar levels. Having a hot tub installed in the yard or on a porch will increase the ability for everyone in the family to use it. A home hot tub lets people enjoy the healthy benefits of them without dealing with traffic or paying monthly dues and fees.

Using the soaking time in the hot tub to accomplish multiple goals will add value to the time spent, and having the family gather at night to enjoy the warm, soothing water also adds to improved communication. Soaking right before bedtime is advised by the National Sleep Foundation to help people get to sleep faster and sleep better. Getting a better night’s sleep will help everyone in the family enjoy the activity packed holiday season more fully, and reduce their stress levels so they are healthier.

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Tom Junck

Yes, it is the season for fun, parties and…well, weight gain. There are get-togethers, meals, parties and events that add to the calorie busting days during the holiday period.
- Tom Junck president of Combined Pool and Spa
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