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    Hot Tubs Ellicott City, Portable Spa Dealer Shares Tips for Self Improvement

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    Hot Tubs Dealer Ellicott City, Offering Portable Spas and Swim Spas for Sale Shares Advice for New Year Self Improvement. Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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    Ace Hardware & Hearth and Ace Home & Leisure, a Caldera and Bullfrog hot tub dealer selling new and used hot tubs and swim spas, serving the Ellicott City, Maryland area publishes “3 Easy Ways to a Better New Year through Self-Improvement.”

    Doug Cashmere of Ace Hardware & Hearth says that it’s the dawn of the new year, and many people examine where they want their lives to go in the coming year. Yet desired changes often fail because they are made without any idea of how to make them a reality.

    Here are three easy ways to a better new year through self-improvement changes that really work.

    Add a Hot Tub to the Home for Hours of Healthy Fun – There are lots of great ways to get healthier, but few are more fun than a hot tub. Hot tubs are easy to install and take little work to maintain, while providing hours of enjoyment daily.

    Besides the fun, soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relieve stress and tension, get rid of aches and pains as well as being a soothing place to meditate and relax. The entire family can enjoy the benefits of a portable spa added to a backyard or patio, and they are great conversation starters for quiet evenings or parties.

    Don’t Focus on Money – While financial benefits are a big incentive for making changes, doing things simply to make more money usually fail. Make career changes based on desire to have more fulfilling work, to do things that are more enjoyable, or that will be in better locations. All of those reasons for career changes will lead to either more money, or the feeling of the money being worth the work because the job is loved and enjoyed.

    Beware of Positive Affirmations – Positive affirmations are a modern method of self-improvement that has a tendency to backfire. Using positive affirmations can be beneficial as long as they are well thought-out, but simply repeating someone else’s affirmations, and saying them over and over won’t necessarily make them a reality.

    This is especially true when people have a low self-esteem, or feel unhappy in their current lives. How can they believe what they are saying over and over? If affirmations don’t “ring true” to the person making them, they won’t become a part of their reality. When affirmations fail to become a reality, it can actually make someone with low self-esteem feel worse.

    Another problem with positive affirmations is speed. Often people pick big affirmations to make huge changes that can’t possibly happen overnight. But when it takes months or longer for changes to occur, people tend to give up. When choosing positive affirmation statements, make sure they can be taken to heart and believed.

    The same holds true for long-term goals that may take time to become a reality. Break a big goal up into smaller goals that can happen easier and create incentives along the way to keep up the momentum to the big goal.

    To encourage people to check out the benefits of owning their own hot tub, Ace Hardware & Hearth and Ace Home Leisure will be providing free hot tub test soaks all month long. They do recommend, however, that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute soak call the company ahead of time to reserve their spot.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of their free hot tub buyer’s guide, Smart Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Hot Tub. Just give them a call or visit the website at: http://AceHardwareAndHearth.com.

    About Us With stores in Glen Burnie, Edgewater and Pasadena Maryland, Ace Hardware and Hearth supplies seasonal products such as hot tubs, swim spas, fireplaces, stoves, birder supplies, pool chemicals, fertilizers and other commodities. While many other hardware stores are now gone, Ace continues to flourish, thanks to its hardworking associates and loyal customers.

    Ace Hardware & Hearth and Ace Home and Leisure are on the leading edge of today’s technology. Affiliated with Ace Hardware and a dealer owned co-op, Ace Hardware and Hearth has the ability to make available many cutting-edge programs. The Helpful Hardware Club, an Ace customer loyalty program, rewards purchases at their stores with quarterly rebate checks, super coupons, in-store specials, special sale offerings, and timely information.

    The mission of the Ace team is to satisfy the customer. When something goes other than the way it was planned, the company does everything in their power to make it right. Customers have the Ace promise on that.

    To learn more, pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide, Smart Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Hot Tub – Just call 410-969-5050 or go to http://www.acehardwareandhearth.com/hottubsalemd.

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    It’s the dawn of the new year, and many people examine where they want their lives to go in the coming year. Yet desired changes often fail because they are made without any idea of how to make them a reality.
    - Doug Cashmere of Ace Hardware & Hearth
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