Hot Tubs Malibu, Ventura Dealer Participates in National Diabetes Month


Swim Spas, Hot Tubs Dealer Serving Malibu and Ventura Publishes “Three Tips for Living with Type II Diabetes.” Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Malibu and Ventura Residents.

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Nov 27, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Spa-Warehouse, a premier hot tub, portable spa and swim spa dealer serving Malibu and Ventura participates in National Diabetes Month.

“Although there is no cure for diabetes yet, there are many things that can be done to help those that have it, live happier and healthier lives,” said Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at

“For that reason and because people need to know what diabetes is, and what they can do about it, November has been designated National Diabetes Month. It is a time to take stock of personal health issues, make sure family members are safe or in control of their health, and learn what can be done to live better with diabetes,” continued Vishnefske.

Here are 3 tips for living with diabetes that can help make life better and healthier.

Plan Easy Sugar Free Snacks - Getting sugar free “fun food” isn’t nearly as easy as getting the sugar laden stuff. While many places are beginning to stock a few things for people who are either dealing with diabetes or want to take care of themselves so they don’t get it, a large portion of any quick snack foods are the kind that people need to avoid if they have diabetes, pre-diabetes or want to stay away from sugary carbs.

It is still possible to have snack foods that are fun and okay to eat if a person plans ahead enough. Make several packages of sugar free gelatin at a time to have an instant fix when a little comfort food is needed. Cut up baggies of carrots and other delicious veggies and carry them along in a purse or briefcase. Having something on hand will help a lot when cravings hit and all there is nearby are unhealthy snacks.

Walk off the Sugar - A lot of controlling and preventing diabetes has to do with getting rid of sugar. That, of course means eating right and also exercising more. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore though. It also doesn’t have to be as regimented as doing repetitious exercises for a set time at a particular time during the day.

It’s great if people can join a club, get to a class, or even do a workout at home every day, but there are a lot of ways to exercise, even if other types are difficult to do because of weight or injuries. Walking is a great exercise and it offers a lot of extra advantages such as getting fresh air, seeing neighbors, enjoying the sights around the neighborhood or at a local park. Take a walk every day. If just walking isn’t interesting enough, involve the rest of the family, or just take the dog out for a walk.

Get a Malibu Hot Tub - That’s right, a hot tub is not only an enjoyable place to have fun with friends or family. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that soaking simulated the effects of a workout, and helped people with Type II diabetes reduce their blood sugar.

People wanting to learn more about hot tubs and portable spas are encouraged to visit the company website and pick up a copy of this free report “Insider Secrets to Choosing the Best Hot Tub" Visit,

“To help local residents understand how portable spas, hot tubs and swim spas can help improve overall health and well-being, Spa-Warehouse will provide free hot tub test soaks during the entire month,” commented Vishnefske. “Spa-Warehouse wants to encourage local residents to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in the soothing waters of a hot tub for themselves”

About Spa-Warehouse Coastal Softub takes great pride in offering spas that are “Made in America”. As an A+ rated member of the BBB they offer their customers a comfortable, inviting buying experience and they offer no-cost on-site home inspection prior to placing the order for a spa.

With a proven reputation of over 40 years of expertise in luxury hot water relaxation products, they represent the MAAX family of products including Elite Spas, and VITA Spas, California Cooperage Hot Tubs as well as the PowerPool Swim Spas.  Their variety of spas, give customers a wider selection of features, design and style of spas all from the same manufacturing facility in Chandler, AZ.

To learn more, pick up a copy of their free report “Insider Secrets to Choosing The Best Hot Tub" Visit, or call (805) 654-9000.

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Although there is no cure for diabetes yet, there are many things that can be done to help those that have it, live happier and healthier lives.
- Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at
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