Hot Tubs on Sale Beaverton Dealer Shares Health Advice for the New Year


Portable Spa and Hot Tub Dealer in Beaverton Shares 3 Unusual Tops to Live Better and Happier in 2015. Offers Free Hottub Test Soaks to Local Oregon Residents.

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Jan 26, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Beaverton publishes healthy yet unusual tips to live a more happy life in 2015.

“Improving the quality of life is one of the top five New Year’s Eve resolutions,” said Dave Doornink the company’s director of marketing. “That is a very vague vow, but one that is most often made without thinking about ways to make it happen. There are several simple ways to create a healthier lifestyle that go beyond simply eating better and getting more exercise.”

Here are three unusual tips to live better and happier in the New Year.

Reduce Boredom – Sometimes eating properly and getting enough exercise isn’t enough to make people feel good. Their lives are busy, and that can sometimes be mistaken for full. In fact, the constant repetition of events day after day can become boring even when it seems like a person is in constant motion. Try changing the pattern of the day’s events to brighten the mood. Even little things like checking email at a different time or taking a walk in between meetings or calls at work can create a boost and make them feel better.

Hit Something – Violence isn’t the answer to any of life’s problems, but hitting something can be very helpful in relieving stress. Take out frustrations on a punching bag or even a pillow. Another good way to work out daily anger and frustration is to take a boxing or karate class at a local gym or health club.

Remove Stress and Relax in a Beaverton Hot Tub – With all of the things people have to do every day, when they get home they should be able to relax and relieve the tensions from their busy lives. However, even home has become a place of distraction and constant input that creates tension and at the same time, separates people from those they share their lives with. Create a haven from the day’s stress and frustration by adding a hot tub to the yard. Sitting in the regulated heat of a hot water therapy bath produced by a hot tub increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and aids cardiovascular function. Hot tubs are a great way to increase family bonds as well. They become the focal point of the home, and are a good place to gather at the end of the day.

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Improving the quality of life is one of the top five New Year’s Eve resolutions.
- Dave Doornink the company’s director of marketing
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