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Portable Spas Dealer Publishes “Healthy Living Tips During the Holidays”. Celebrates by Offering Local Residents Free Hot Tub Test Soaks.

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Dec 21, 2015 /prREACH/ -- IHT Spas and Fireplaces selling hot tubs, saunas, swim spas and fireplaces with stores in Denver, Boulder and Highlands Ranch shares, “Healthy Living Tips During the Holidays”.

“Even the most determined person can have trouble keeping up with healthy living habits during the end of the year holiday months,” said Rich Hiner, president of International Hot Tub.  “These months are full of festivities, lots of food and occasionally some turmoil. All of which makes it hard to keep focused on daily exercise, meal planning and even harder to make smart choices."

“When confronted by tables full of delicious foods, trying to keep up with all of the activities and doing everything possible to avoid dropping from fatigue, even the most dedicated health fanatic can slip up,” continued Hiner.

Here are three tips to get through the holidays unscathed, and still living healthy.

Know When to Forgive a Slip – One piece of pie or skipping one regular workout is unlikely to derail a year’s worth of healthy living. It’s okay to indulge a little. Everyone should allow themselves to have a little fun, and let loose once in a while. The trick is to keep it under control, and it is also important to know when there are trigger foods or situations involved that may cause a spiral. Holiday festivities are not limited to family dinners on the specific dates of the holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or the midnight bash on New Year’s Eve.

Know When to Put the Brakes on a Downward Spiral – While it is important to be forgiving when temptation wins out, it is equally important to recognize when things are getting out of control. The phrase “it’s okay, it’s the holidays,” may be responsible for destroying more diets, and after holiday scale shock than any other sentence in the English language. It’s fine to enjoy a sensible plate of holiday food once or twice during the entire season. It’s not a good idea to chow down on a heavily laden plate full of gravies, pies and sauce covered meat two or three times during a single day over and over again.

Know When it is Time to Get Away from the Stress – Holidays are fun and festive, but they can also be incredibly stressful. Installing a Highlands Ranch hot tub to escape the mad activities and create a haven from frantic activities can be one of the healthiest things a person can do for themselves during the holiday season. Hot tubs are a great tool for soaking away tensions and relieving sore muscles tired from hours of shopping, hanging out with friends or preparing holiday meals.

Hot tubs provide several extra benefits for the holiday season as well: they are an awesome gathering spot for friends and families, and according to a study by Phillip L. Hooper, M.D. soaking in a hot tub lowers blood sugar, helps people with Type II diabetes, and even promotes weight loss. So, dive in and enjoy the holidays responsibly, and get extra help from the hot water therapy of a hot tub.

“In an effort to help educate the public on how hot tubs and hot water hydrotherapy can help improve health and well-being, IHT will provide free hot tub test soaks at all their locations during the entire month,” said Jill Seng, marketing manager.  They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

Consumers wanting to find the location nearest them are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.  The website address is

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Even the most determined person can have trouble keeping up with healthy living habits during the end of the year holiday months.” Here are three tips to get through the holidays unscathed, and still living healthy.
- Rich Hiner, president of International Hot Tub
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