Hottubs Sioux Falls, Used Spas Dealer Participates in National Family Fun Month


Sioux Falls Hottubs, Swim Spas and Used Spas Dealer Publishes “Three Fast Ways to Create a Fabulous Family Gathering.” Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Local Residents.

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Aug 29, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Combined Pool and Spa of Sioux Falls, selling new and used hottubs, spas, saunas, swim spas and swimming pools publishes “Three Fast Ways to Create a Fabulous Family Gathering.”

“The Family Fun Month initiative started in order to help people recognize the importance of spending time with loved ones and building relationships that last. Not only is it important for people to spend time with immediate family members who live with them, but also extended members that make up the entire family,” said Tom Junck president of Combined Pool and Spa.

“August is a great time to think about having a big gathering, since it is an automatic reminder and the weather is often the best it will be all year,” continued Junck. Here are three fast ways to create a fabulous family gathering.

Book a Location in Advance – The best prices and dates are easier to get when booking a hall, restaurant or even park far in advance. Indoor locations are great because they give people a lot of options for decorations, planning and receiving outside goods such as food or cakes, and usually have all of the amenities such as electricity and lighting in place. Hosting a large gathering at a banquet hall, public facility or restaurant also makes it easier on the host’s home, although it won’t usually be free like using a private home would be.

Choosing an Outdoor Party Location for a Gathering – If the family gathering will be more than a typical home can accommodate, using outside resources may be the best alternative, but even with good deals it can be expensive to rent a hall or room in a restaurant.

Consider parks, beaches or forest preserve areas for the gathering, but be sure to check into local restrictions and rules before making it a permanent choice. Even if a location is a public area it may have a limit on the number of people in a group that can use the land without specific permission. Usually, in those cases, simply applying for a permit for a specific date and time will allow a party to hold their event without any problems. Even if a small fee is involved for such a gathering, it will likely be far less than a building or other venue.

When choosing an outdoor location, consider the elements and look for places that have some form of shelter in case of bad weather on the day of the family event. Find out if there are electrical options if there will be music or other equipment that needs power. Ask if there are time limits beyond the hours applied for in the permit to use the land such as regular opening or closing hours. If decorations will be used, find out if there are any restrictions on the types that can be put up, and if they can be worked on prior to the time of the party permit.

Create a Sioux Falls Hottub Party Spot in the Backyard – Save the inside of the home from large party pitfalls by creating a party spot outside that everyone will be drawn to. Add a hot tub to the area for an easy way to encourage family members to stay in one area of the property. Arrange the decorations, food around the hot tub and place plenty of tables and chairs in the area so those who are not actually in the hot tub can still enjoy each other’s company.

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Tom Junck

August is a great time to think about having a big gathering, since it is an automatic reminder and the weather is often the best it will be all year.
- Tom Junck president of Combined Pool and Spa
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