Hypoallergenic Gel Infused Cooling Pillow Recommended by Hot Sleepers


Xtreme Comforts’ popular hypoallergenic cooling pillow has recently received positive recommendations on Amazon. The product utilizes science to ensure maximum air circulation and heat transfer to keep users cool.


Bronxville, NY, Jul 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- A gel infused pillow from Xtreme Comforts has recently received appreciation and praise from hot sleepers using the pillow.

Xtreme Comfort, known nationwide for its premium quality memory foam comfort products, continues to garner positive reviews from its customers.

The brand’s advanced gel pillow utilizes several modern technologies to keep users cool while sleeping. These pillows come in three sizes and are available on Amazon, starting from $34.97.

A company spokesperson revealed how it works, staying, “Our cooling pillow uses PCM phase change material in its fibers to prevent overheating and sweating from happening. Interestingly, this technology was originally developed and introduced by NASA to create a stable, controlled microclimate for astronauts. To enhance its cooling effect, we added a soft cooling gel fiber filling capable of circulating air and transferring heat."

To get optimum sleep, the human body needs to remain cool, says the company. However, some people can become overheated during sleep, a common issue for many, including women going through menopause. As individuals start sweating, a wet, sticky and humid environment is created around them. This results in awakening uncomfortably hot during the night and making it difficult to get back to sleep, the company explains.

Highlighting the benefits of using the gel pillow, a satisfied user says:

"I am a ‘hot’ sleeper. I sleep with an ice pack to reduce my heat. This is the first pillow I have ever owned that is actually cool. No pillow is going to stay cool all night, however, 30-45 seconds after moving to a different spot on the queen-size pillow, I can move back, and it is cool again. I have bought many pillows in my time, but this one is definitely the best, and the price is good for the quality. 2 thumbs up! It would be 4 thumbs, but my husband fell asleep!"

Many allergy sufferers have also used this hypoallergenic pillow with great comfort. The product is suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers because it conforms to the head and neck contour of the users, Xtreme Comforts states. The product's zippered cover is machine washable and the entire pillow can be deep cleaned.

Please visit Xtreme Comforts' official website or Amazon storefront to find out more about the company’s gel cooling pillow.


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