Imperial Design Celebrates Release of iPhone 5 Sports Armband With A Limited Time Discount

  • Date: Aug 05, 2014
  • Category: Sports

Imperial Design is the makers of the best quality sports armband available. This durable,sturdiest,lightweight sports armband case keeps the iPhone secure and protected while its unique design allows easy access to all functions without having to remove the iPhone skin.

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Aug 05, 2014 /prREACH/ --

Imperial Design announces that with its release the search may be over for the sturdiest, most durable, lightweight armband.  In celebrating the launch of their new product "iPhone 5 Sports Armband," Imperial Design is offering a limited time Discount for customers.

The Sports Armband fits iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPod Touch,  iPhone 4 / 4s, and also fits iPod 5th Gen Touch Devices. Imperial Design created the armband to keep iPhones safe and snug during a workout. Developers promise that wearers can be confident their iPhone is safe in a "no slip fit" during any run, bike, Crossfit, or gym workout.  The armband is made from durable, water resistant, sweat proof neoprene, and it is adjustable for small arms as well as  up to 17" biceps. It also features a clear, touch screen sensitive cover to protect the screen while giving full screen access.  Since the armband is waterproof and sweat proof, it can be hand washed with soap and water and  it is designed to dry quickly so wearers can get back into action right away.

Imperial Design points out that while other manufactured models that may look the same in pictures, the Imperial Design model features extra thick neoprene for long durability, extra sweat proofing, and smoothness against the skin.

In Imperial Design's research, they have price the armband in an affordable range so that replacing a lost armband is not a hassle and more importantly, consumers will find it convenient to have several armbands to keep in different locations such as their car, home, or office.

The company has also partnered with some of the fastest order processing companies in the market , meaning customers will receive their iPhone 5 sports armband order in record time.

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Imperial Design is a small but powerful and unique company. Their focus is on selling top quality Cell Phone accessory products with competitive pricing. Imperial Design products are available a la carte on

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Imperial Design celebrates the launch of their new product with generosity and great value.
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