Abrams Insurance Solutions Now Offering No Exam Life Insurance

Clients will no longer need to see a doctor and wait 8 weeks to get life insurance.

GIR Property Fights for Denied or Underpaid Claims

The effects of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria still linger through the coasts of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. They caused an incredible amount of damage to both properties and families- and in the wake of this devastation, insurance companies are denying or underpaying insurance claims.

GIR Property Claims Public Adjusters in Connecticut

GIR Property Claims has now opened a branch in the insurance capital of the world, Connecticut. They are expanding to service all Connecticut counties, just in time for the coming winter months.

Damage after a Hurricane and Why its Important to Hire a Public Adjuster

GIR Property Claims’ team of experienced and knowledgeable public adjusters and staff versed in legal, engineering and construction disciplines, are here to help policyholders get what they deserve from their insurance company. With locations throughout Florida, and across the United States, GIR Property Claims has been instrumental in helping victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and other major hurricanes, storms and catastrophes.

GIR Property Claims has now expanded to Fort Myers and Orlando

GIR Property Claims, a nationwide-renowned company that specializes in public adjusting has now broadened its reach to Fort Myers and Orlando. They are expanding to service all of Florida. These two cities now extend a helping hand and a gateway to anyone affected by property damage in all of the West Coast, Central, and North Florida.

GIR Medical Claims has Now Expanded to Fort Myers and Orlando

GIR Medical Claims, a nationwide-renowned company that specializes in medical billing has now broadened its reach to Fort Myers and Orlando. They are expanding to service all of Florida. These two cities now extend a helping hand and a gateway to anyone affected by unpaid medical claims in all of the West Coast, Central, and North Florida.

California Bail Bonds Reform, Assembly Bill 42 and Senate Bill 10

Assembly Bill 42 and Senate Bill 10 would end the use of money bail schedules. Instead, they would allow state judges to decide if someone should be released on their own recognizance or kept behind bars because they are too dangerous to be set free.

New Home Insurer for Houston and the Surrounding Area

Professional Agencies, LLC proud to announce adding Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation to its list of carriers that are issuing home insurance in Harris and Fort Bend counties

Professional Agencies LLC Adds Guard Insurance Companies to Their Agency

This means Professional Agencies LLC now provides coverage from one of the most prestigious business insurance companies

Professional Agencies Saved Client $14,000 per year in Premium Payments

The anonymous client was able to find a lower rate on his/her property insurance after a 20% rate increase.

John B. Wright Agency Highlights Fair and Customizable Insurance for Clients

John B. Wright insurance counselors spotlight a fair and customizable way to get insurance. Instead of an insurance agent who is only concerned with commission for his own insurance company, John B. Wright is an independent insurance agency that has the customer’s best insurance at heart.

Gables Insurance Recovery Introducing Free Pre-Loss Inspection Program

Home Owners will gain peace of mind against future damage or loss with a complimentary property inventory.

Abrams Insurance Agency Now Offering Fast and Easy Online Life Insurance

Consumers can now purchase life insurance online and without an exam through Abrams Insurance Agency. The online application is now easy and concise having been streamlined and with the added benefit of knowing if one is approved in minutes.

Five-Star 2014 Award for MIKE POWELL INSURANCE® Announced in Texas Monthly

The Woodlands-based insurance agency, with another reward under their belt, has now been awarded by Five Star Professional as well, for its efforts and performance.

Black Ink Insurance Introduces Fast E&O Insurance Quotes

Black Ink Insurance, Inc., specializes in providing E & O (Errors and Omission) insurance to selling agents and home owners. This company promises its corporate and individual clients fast response regarding E&O quotes.

Gateway Insurance Solutions Launches Industry First Marketing Platform

Gateway Insurance Solutions announced today the availability of the first comprehensive online marketing platform designed to help insurance agents and financial professionals obtain more clients and increase the profitability of existing clients.

MIKE POWELL INSURANCE® launches a discount reminder campaign.

Now more than ever customers need to be aware of and take advantage of all company discounts available.

Champion Risk On The Move in the Local San Diego Community

August was filled with important events for Champion Risk & Insurance Services, L.P, a San Diego based insurance company, with their contribution to a Move for Hunger event and addition of a new team member.

MIKE POWELL INSURANCE® Introduces New Website Design for Customer Convenience

New design allows customers to clearly understand and browse the content on Mike Powell Insurance’s website

MIKE POWELL INSURANCE® honored as a 2013 Premier Partner Award winner

This prestigious award is presented to Mike Powell insurance one of the highest-performing agencies nationwide. It recognizes the superior underwriting, continual growth, excellent customer service and steadfast loyalty to their insurance partners.

Top Insurance Agent Kent Littlejohn Plans To Transform Insurance Industry

Kent Littlejohn launches insurance mastermind group with the goal of changing the way agents market and position their businesses.

Baja Auto Insurance Announces Now Operating Sunday Hours

Baja Auto Insurance has recently announced that they will now be operating on Sundays in certain locations to provide a better service to their clients. Information about their Sunday opening hours can be located on their official website.

InsurMark Joins AimcoR Group as an Equity Partner

New developments at InsurMark, one of the country’s leading insurance marketing organizations, will cause the company to become a true powerhouse in the life insurance distribution industry. This could benefit thousands of independent life insurance agents across the U.S.

Black Ink Insurance Discusses a “Spring Break” to Check Insurance Status

Now is the perfect time of year to do a status check on real estate insurance policies. This is a process largely neglected by Real Estate Brokers and Agents who rely heavily on industry specific insurance policies.