Mega Driving Experience & Premium Off Road Offers Trips of a Lifetime

Sven Sperling, founder and owner of TAB different GmbH, is launching a new way to experience nature with luxury — the Mega Driving Experience. This combination makes for a once in a lifetime experience in international locations.

Financial Organizing Masterclass: Save Money Every Month, Says Brand

Organized & Energized is offering a two-part online Financial Organizing Masterclass that demonstrates how to save money every month by simply getting organized.

Awaken Sexy Weight Loss Body Transformation Blueprint to Success, Says Author

Robb Evans is an award-winning fitness and weight loss authority who is sharing his book, “Awaken the Sexy Within” with people wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or regain their energy through a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Trinity de Guzman Launches New Website For Your Highest Truth

Trinity de Guzman, founder of Ayahuasca Healings, announced the launch of its new website, Your Highest Truth, that more accurately reflects a new direction for the company. It’s part of a new brand, new image, and new energy for 2020, with new offerings that will be available in the coming months.

Boost Immunity, Improve Hormone Health During COVID-19, Says Brand

TrulyHealthyMe is lending its senior food scientist, immunologist and best-selling author, Dr. Wayne, for a limited time to personally coach anyone wanting to double their immunity in 90 days, naturally and holistically.

Empowerment Coaching Offered By Top New South Wales Therapist

Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and life coach, Victoria Wright, is providing a new empowerment coaching service, Coaching with a Heart. Appointments can be conducted in person, or virtually using a video conferencing application, Zoom.

Hearing Amplifier with INR Technology Protects from Sharp Impact Sounds

BHearing, a recently launched hearing amplifier from Jabees, is helping users remain safe from sharp impact sounds. The hearing amplifiers are also equipped with features such as feedback cancellation, noise reduction, frequency adjustment, and much more.

Dr. Kevin Fleming Shares Tips on Mental Wellness Optimization

Renowned neuroscience-based consultant and coach, Dr. Kevin J. Fleming, has recently shared five tips to help individuals optimize their mental wellness. Dr. Fleming is the President & CEO of Grey Matters International Inc.

Reusable Anti Pollution Mask Brand for Dust, Germs, Allergies Reveals New Names

Debrief Me®, one of the globe’s leading reusable anti pollution mask brands, has changed the name of its best-selling washable masks to help educate the public.

Keto Bar Brand Shares Tips on Staying Active During Coronavirus Pandemic

With social distancing, self-isolation or even days of bad weather, keto bars brand, YoFiit, shares ideas on how to tackle staying active indoors without needing home gym equipment. YoFiit creates plant-based bars to fuel the body, the gut and the mind.

Notebooks & Journal Benefits for Female Entrepreneurs Highlighted by Brand

Pretty Productive owner, Jenelle Amelia, is promoting journaling success for female entrepreneurs and creatives through her line of journals and notebooks meant to inspire women to set goals and achieve them. Amelia recently outlined the many benefits of journaling.

Keto Bars With Algal Oil a Source of Essential Fat for Body and Brain Health

Keto bars from YoFiit are an excellent source of essential fats — the good kind. Omega-3 fatty acids, sourced from algal oil, provide many health benefits to the body and brain.

Keto Bar: Power-Up Your Workout with Powerhouse Ingredients, Suggests Brand

People looking for an excellent boost to their workout can turn to YoFiit and its keto bars for the energy boost they need. YoFiit bars contain natural ingredients for slow-release energy that decreases fatigue.

BPA-Free Silicone Baby Bibs Now Available with Spanish Sayings

Simka Rose has recently launched its popular BPA-free silicone baby bibs set with sayings in Spanish. This high-quality product has already done extremely well on Amazon with well over 600 reviews.

Keto Bar Brand Produces Plant-Based Foods for Optimal Health

Canadian company, YoFiit, is offering plant-based foods to consumers globally. The brand is happy to report its keto bar is not processed in any way, keeping ingredients as pure as possible for optimal health.

Hearing Aids for All Environments Receive Accolades on Amazon

BHearing PSAP headphones from Jabees are now gaining popularity on Amazon. These all-environment hearing aids are equipped with a plethora of cool features including noise reduction, clear hearing, dual microphones, feedback cancellation, and more.

Keto Energy Bar First Holistic Raw Bar with Algal Oil and Adaptogens

YoFiit is dedicated to taking a holistic approach to producing raw, plant-based foods to offer full nutrition and optimal health to its customers. The brand’s keto energy bar contains powerhouse ingredients such as algal oil and adaptogens.

Keto Bar Contains Cordyceps to Boost Immunity Against Viral Infections

YoFiit’s keto bar is an excellent source of healthy, plant-based ingredients including cordyceps, a mushroom shown to have immune-boosting properties. A natural way to elevate health benefits to any diet.

Hearing Amplifiers with Noise Reduction From Noted Brand Hit Amazon

Jabees BHearing hearing amplifiers for adults and seniors are now up for sale in Amazon. These PSAP headphones are equipped with several brilliant features such as noise reduction, clear hearing, dual microphone, feedback cancellation, etc.

Keto Chocolate Bar & Plant-Based Brand Helps Fight Sugar Addiction

YoFiit is helping the fight against sugar addiction with its keto chocolate bar, a plant-based snack with only two grams of naturally occurring sugar. The bars come in two great flavors, chocolate-vanilla and ginger-nutmeg.

Immunity Booster Aids Natural Immune Function for Weak Immune Systems

Daiwa Health Development’s proven immunity booster, Immune Peak 4, aids natural immune function for anyone suffering from a weak immune system. The product is formulated with natural rice bran arabinoxylan compound.

Keto-Friendly Bar Brand Makes Tasty Snacks Without Sugar Alcohols

YoFiit, a Canadian based health food brand, prioritizes overall health in the design of its products. The brand’s keto-friendly bar maintains digestive health by eliminating the use of damaging sugar alcohols.

Deep Tissue Muscle Massager with 6 Speed Options Pleases Amazon Users

Vigorous Innovations is now making a strong, positive impact on Amazon, thanks to its popular deep tissue muscle massager. Equipped with six variable-speed options, this massage gun helps body muscles recover quickly after a workout session.

Immune Health Booster Supports Well-Being in Modern Life Challenges

Daiwa Health Development is offering its immune health booster to customers looking to supercharge their immune system and optimize their health and wellbeing in today’s challenging environment.

Immune Support Booster with BioBran Named New Authentic Smart Food

Peak Immune 4 is a groundbreaking immune-boosting product, designed to jump-start and strengthen the immune system, fighting disease and infection. It’s patented rice bran formula is becoming the gold standard in the immune support supplement industry.

Hearing Amplifiers Help Improve Hearing in any Environment

BHearing personal hearing amplifiers from Jabees are now helping users understand conversations better, regardless of the environment. The device functions as hearing aid and helps create a personalized hearing profile.

Dotted Notebooks Inspire Professional-Level Bullet Journaling and Planning

LeStallion is taking charge in the notebook marketplace with its new Equine Collection of premium notebooks — motivating a higher and professional level of journaling.

Carbon Footprint Compensation through Nature-Based Solutions: Mangrove Forests

White Green Blue, a social enterprise focused on global sustainability, recently discussed carbon footprint compensation and nature-based solutions, outlining a beneficial approach through the conservation and restoration of mangrove forests.

Journal for Men Helps Users Embrace Professionalism and Creativity

LeStallion’s recently launched journal for men is now helping users upgrade from using school-grade notebooks to a higher class notebook. This premium-grade product has been designed for men looking to achieve and excel in their careers.

Muscle Deep Tissue Massager Provides Effective Recovery and Relief

Vigorous Innovations’ popular Jigsaw Massage Gun continues its impressive performance. Many athletes have used this muscle deep tissue massager for effective muscle recovery and pain relief.