AMBAC International Extends Warranty on All AMBAC Brand Products

AMBAC International has extended its Standard Limited Warranty on AMBAC brand products to 24 months and unlimited mileage. 

Coastal Hydraulics Adds New Employees In South Carolina

Coastal Hydraulics experienced several months of record revenue, completion of a number of sizable marine industry projects, expansion of our geographic reach, and a series of staff additions.

Abrasives South Launches a New Website

Abrasives South, an abrasives fabricator located in Charleston, South Carolina, recently launched a new website centered around ecommerce.

B & C Machine Expands With New Employees and Machinery

B & C Machine has recently expanded by hiring new employees and upgrading machinery.

Life Assessment Services on Turbomachinery can save a business tens of millions of dollars.

VeriTech Labs, LLC is one of the few companies in the United States that are competitively active in this market. OEM companies are not competitive because Life Assessment cuts into their manufactured parts market.

Kent USA Celebrates a Service Milestone

The industry-leading machine tool maker Kent USA, Inc., is celebrating 36 years in business. The Tustin, California-based company has led the way in industrial machines and support services since 1979.

LSR Injection Machine Manufacturer Launches New Website

Leading LSR injection machine machine manufacturer, Guangzhou Tianyuan Rubber Products Co., Ltd, announces the launch of their new website.

Commercial Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturer Launches New Website

Goldchilly Washing Equipment Co., Ltd, leading supplier in China of commercial quality washing and dry cleaning machines launches new website.

Destruction of Once-Fired Brass May Drive Up Prices

A recent report on the destruction of expended ammunition brass indicates that the practice is still occurring in at least one military installation, prompting outcries from gun reloader enthusiasts. Bobcat Brass offers once-fired brass for all calibers and is always willing to negotiate buys of large amounts of used brass.