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Kai Hall To Represent Original Watermen In Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard Race

Kai Hall, a North Shore lifeguard in Oahu, is being sponsored by Original Watermen to compete in the July 27th Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard race. This 32-mile open-ocean channel race is one of the most difficult on earth.

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DSC Surf Fitness Gears Up For Summer

For many surfers, summer months allow more time to focus on training, but the Southern California beaches can be overly crowded. Dean Sports Consultants provides the perfect solution with a variety of surf fitness programs to challenge any serious athlete.

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Nayoya’s Extra Thick Yoga Mat Provides Yoga lovers With A Non-Slip Grip While Adding Comfort To Any Yoga Position

Nayoya has just released the yoga lover’s dream mat. This non slip, double sided yoga mat measures 71 inches in length, 24 inches in width and is almost 1/2 inch thick to comfort knees, back and elbows during intense yoga sessions.

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Oscar Cruz Racing gets another sponsor for 2015 LOORRS

Oscar Cruz Racing gets another sponsor for the 2015 Lucas Oil Racing Series! Studio Undefined joins Oscar Cruz Racing!

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Mighty Sport Combats U.S Sport Drink Waste By Promoting An Eco-Friendly Solution

All-natural sports drink provider uncovers environmental damage caused by single-serving commercial sports drinks compared to its waste-conscious approach, benefiting consumers and the planet.

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North American Youth Sports Discounts Spring and Summer2014Tournaments

North American Youth Sports (NAYS) of Green Bay, Wisconsin is happy to announce seasonal discounts for youth basketball tournaments for the spring and summer 2014 seasons.

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New and upcoming Pro 2 race team, Oscar Lara joins the 2015 season!

Stellar racer, Oscar Cruz Racing joins the 2015 LOORRS 2015 season!

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Mighty Sport’s Founder Exposes Banned Ingredients In Sports Drinks Sold In U.S.

The founder of Mighty Sport has recently exposed that popular Sports Drinks sold in the United States actually contain ingredients banned in many countries around the World. This comes directly after the company launched their own alternative to the variety of artificial products in the market.

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New Petition To Remove Certain Coloring Agents From U.S. Sport Drinks

Mark Wilhelmsson has revealed that he has started a petition through that calls for the removal of certain food coloring agents from the U.S. sports drink market. These food coloring agents have been banned outside of the United States because they are believed to be harmful to the body.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Retailer Explores New Uses for Paddleboards

The Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) industry is booming. Not too long ago SUPs were associated just with surfing the Hawaiian waves, but new board designs allows novices and experts alike to do so much more. People are using SUP on rivers, lakes, waves and on the open ocean in ways not expected.

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Dean Lister Competed in BTF Custom Gear at Metamoris 3

Metamoris 3 competitor Dean Lister competed in custom gear made by Built To Fight(BTF). He may have fought to a draw, but he did it in style with the long running companies customized fight shorts.

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Ski and Sports Shack Offers Tips For Getting Started in Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

The sport of stand up paddle board is a great way to get on the water. Stand Up Paddle Boards or SUPs come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon what the destination water body is and the experience of the boarder. This article provides a summary of what is needed to get started and the types of boards available.

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Metamoris 3: Sean Roberts Geared up by On The Mat and Lucky Gi

The best in the business of BJJ collaborate when Sean Roberts is sponsored by and has his gear customized by On The Mat(OTM) and Lucky Gi. Catch Roberts and the gear at Metamoris 3 March 29th!

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BTF Created Custom Gear for Metamoris 3 Competitor Eddie Bravo

Built to Fight Industries in correlation with On The Mat help create Eddie Bravo’s custom Gi pants and rash guard for his long awaited rematch with Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3. A rematch a decade in the making needs gear that is ready to be used On The Mat.

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Hemlock Golf Club is Michigan’s Version Of Augusta National And Pine Valley

Not very many people have access to the #1 and #3 rated golf courses in the world (Pine Valley and Augusta National, respectively) but Hemlock Golf Club in Ludington, Michigan, has many of the same characteristics and is accessible to the public. Hemlock Golf Club is one of few courses that still walk mows the greens to give players tour quality putting surfaces, immaculately presented, and has many characteristics of Pine Valley and Augusta National.

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Top Golf Teacher Helps Launch New Golf Website

Begin Better Golf has recently launched its new website. Created to help golfers of all levels, whether novice or advanced, Begin Better brings videos, tips, and strategies to help one master the game of golf.

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Miss Hot Stick Launches a New Social Sport Fishing Website for Lady Anglers

A new social website launched this month catering to Lady Anglers Worldwide. It is the first of its kind and is set to become the next Facebook, but for the fishing community. This new and exciting social media haven is called Miss Hot Stick and is online at

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PSL Factory Race Team & CRG SPA Partner With Jack Weprin For 2014 Race Season

Jack Weprin, international kart racer, coming off an impressive 2013 with numerous podiums in the United States as well as very competitive showings in Europe and the UK, will be sporting new colors for 2104. Weprin, or “Frost” as he’s known by many, will be representing the PSL Factory Race Team in North America and CRG SPA in Europe in 2014.

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Snowshoe Running: Technological Breakthroughs for Winter Running

For runners living in the northern snowy states, the sport of snowshoe running has cured cabin fever for many. Snowshoe running and racing has become the new winter sport, and manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to provide lightweight shoes ready for trail running.

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Grand Opening of Ski and Sport Shack Announced

The owners of Ski and Sports Co, Inc announced their grand opening of their new online stored slated to open October 15th. The store will feature great quality products, including snowshoes and clothing that are made in the USA and Canada.

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Big Ball Tennis is a more extreme version of regular tennis that features a 9″ tennis ball, double the bounces on each side, and passing between partners. It’s a perfect sport for those who can take something ridiculous seriously, and have the physical ability to back it up.

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Producers of Fishtrack Launch Buoyweather App for Marine Forecasts

The producers of Fishtrack, the Internet’s leading source for fishing news, weather and other data, launched Buoyweather to help anglers track storms and weather fronts. With Buoyweather, anglers can avoid dangerous situations and find the perfect spots for a weekend fishing trip or a longer expedition.

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Skier Finds Horsehair Brush to be the Secret in Faster Times on the Course

Well known skier and waxing expert Brian Ellison finds the use of a horsehair brush to make a significant different in faster times on the ski course under certain snow conditions. Skiers and snowboarders often miss a critical step or use the wrong ski wax equipment for the particular snow conditions and this can be a competitive edge for those in the know.

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Casco Eyewear Saves the Day at Mammoth Biathlon Event

It was a stormy cold day at the Mammoth biathlon event and nobody could see a thing. Wet damp snow coupled with windy conditions made for a touch cross country ski race. Visibility was difficult since normal sunglasses just iced up. But the Casco Nordic Spirit Competition eyewear saved the day for an elite few.

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