Mag-Trol Orange Sponsors Community Service Programs in Orange County

Mag-Trol Orange sponsors several community charitable programs including shelters for runaways and teens who have attempted suicide. Recently, as part of the Community Service Programs’ Youth Shelter “Light a Light of Love” campaign, Mag-Trol Orange sponsored a snowflake light on Huntington Beach Pier.

Women in Technology Panel at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Meeting

Come join the Women In Technology Panel discussion, Thursday, Feb 6, 2014, Room 502/503 at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Meeting. Julie Johnson, the CEO of Firebox Training will join the other panel members Sarah Zumbrum, Courtney Llamas, and Stewart Bryson in a conversation on Woman in Technology led by Kellyn Pot’Vin, from Enkitec.

Alternate Online Payment Solutions Spawn A Booming New Industry

In the past, when someone made an online purchase, there were limited ways to process the transaction. Most buyers have used PayPal or their credit card for online purchases, but those have major restrictions. The good news is that, as online sales continue to grow, so does the booming industry of alternative payment solutions, such as BitCoin, iMoney, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout and more.

SearchBug Adds Private Investigator Services to Its List of Offerings

For nearly 20 years, SearchBug has been a leading provider of search solutions. The company is now expanding its offerings to include private investigator services in an effort to further cater to its customers’ growing needs.

The People Search Industry Is Now Officially On Notice: Finally: A New And Better Way To Conduct Searches

It’s a fact. The people search industry got a bad rap with the advent of free online databases and all the spam and scam websites. As proof, look no further than comments and reviews from customers of some of the most popular services. The word “satisfaction” does not usually enter the conversation or appear in their reviews. But here’s what will help: The new assisted investigator search service.