International Carwash Association To Continue the Legacy of Grace for Vets


International Car Wash Association comes forward to continue the legacy of Grace for Vets initiated by its president Mike Mountz, by holding a one day event on Veterans Day where car wash operators offer free car washes to military veterans and active duty personnel.

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Aug 14, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Mike Mountz, Founder of Grace for Vets, today announced that International Carwash Association has agreed to sponsor and support the ongoing worldwide program of the organization of honoring veterans and active duty personnel. The ICA, in conjunction with a volunteer board, will continue Mountz's efforts in holding a one-day event on Veterans Day with carwash operators across four countries uniting to offer free carwashes to military veterans and active duty personnel.

Started in 2004, the event has made a strong presence to include over 2800 carwash locations in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Grace for Vets washed over 230,000 cars for free during the 2014 event. This not-for-profit organization considers this event as a small way of recognizing the services of the military personnel to their countries.

According to Mr. Mountz, he was thrilled to see that Grace for Vets will continue this volunteer service for good cause with the support of the ICA. He was apprehensive at first that his retirement from the industry would mean the end of Grace for Vets, but with ICAs offer, the great event will surely continue well into the future.

Gary Dennis, President of the ICA was also immensely pleased to be associated with Grace for Vets in its noble cause. The program to honor the military is indeed a great one, and the efforts of the organization have helped in publicizing the philanthropic endeavors of the industry as well.

The Grace for Vets Volunteer Group will be chaired by Mr. Mike Mountz. Mr. Mark Curtis, the Past President and current Board Member of the ICA, will serve as its President. Both Mountz and Curtis stated that Grace for Vets will continue to welcome all carwash operators to participate in the Veterans Day Program 2015. They also stress upon the fact that participating in this event, ICA membership is not necessary.

All wash operators interested in contributing their mite are welcome to visit the website of Grace for Vets - – and to sign up for participation in this year's event on Veterans Day, November the 11th. The website displays easy to-follow instructions on how to participate, plus free marketing materials to help washes promote the event in their areas. There is no cost for washes to register or participate in the Grace for Vets Program.

Veterans and current military personnel can visit to find the participating washes in their vicinity. As washes continue to register, so military service personnel are requested to kindly check back if a wash in their area is not registered, or they can contact Grace for Vets at [email protected]

For more information, please contact Mark Curtis at [email protected] or

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Mark Curtis

I am thrilled to see that Grace for Vets will continue this volunteer service for good cause with the support of the ICA
- Mike Mountz
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