International Social Media Expert Offers New Business Coaching Worldwide


Award-winning business growth coach Julia Mann has recently launched her new course, “Business is Simple”, to help businesses worldwide grow their social media presence and profit.

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Apr 08, 2019 /prREACH/ -- BRISBANE, AUS: Award-winning business growth coach and renowned international speaker, Julia Mann, is offering her social media marketing expertise to clients globally with her new course, “Business is Simple”.

Since 2016, Julia Mann has built a highly engaged Facebook group of over 24,000 members worldwide. A beauty judge and YouTube guru, her social media marketing skills have gained her an organic following of over 61,000 across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

She has successfully launched several online programs, products and eCommerce stores, which have grown her business from zero to six figures in under 18 months. A 2018 ABIA Awards Finalist for “Best Coach”, her company, “Lash Tribe”, received the award for Academy of the Year in 2018, and she is currently nominated for six awards with NALA in 2019.With 456,600 monthly unique views on Pinterest and 3.47 million views on her YouTube channel alone, Mann’s social media success has propelled her to being one of the world’s leading Video Marketing specialists.

Her coaching and “Business is Simple” social media marketing strategies have helped other coaches, consultants and professional services grow their businesses exponentially online and become experts in their niche. According to Mann, “Business is simple. These days, you can turn anything into an online course, build a social media following, and sell it to them. I help others do just that. There is NO more need to overcomplicate it!”Mann’s core mission is to continue helping individuals and businesses grow large social media communities and networks, sell their products and services to followers, and ultimately earn real profits by creating content that sells. Clients will have the opportunity to learn her innovative strategies for authentic video marketing, campaign and marketing creation and copywriting. An emphasis on both how and why these strategies work is further enforced as she works closely with each and every client.To learn more about Julia Mann and her “Business is Simple” program, visit her official website.

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