It’s Just Lunch Washington DC Introduces Personalized Matchmaking

  • Date: Jul 23, 2014
  • Category: People

It’s Just Lunch Washington DC offers personalized matchmaking services for busy executives and those who find traditional online dating sites to be both inefficient and ineffective. By offering individual services for each client, IJL is able to introduce like-minded individuals, increasing the chances of a more productive first date experience.

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Jul 23, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Online dating has opened new doors to many who might never had access to such a wide network of daters. However, online dating is also fraught with complicated problems including low-level matching standards for many sites that put people together simply because of geographic location or age. One service is offering a completely different approach to modern dating, however: It's Just Lunch Washington DC, as seen at, offers personalized matchmaking services that pair people based on much more detailed information and basic human instinct. The professionals at IJL, as seen at, offer much more reliable matchmaking services than the algorithms used by many online dating sites.

One of the problems with online dating today is that large companies attempt to match as many people as possible so that clients feel they are getting their money's worth. Unfortunately, this means that many of the matches the average person finds on a dating site are inappropriate. Sometimes the only thing two people have in common is that they live in close proximity or were born in the same year. Those factors are not the ones that have been shown to build compatibility, so many online daters find themselves going on one bad date after another without finding a suitable partner.

However, It's Just Lunch Washington DC, as seen at, uses more than just algorithms to make matches and introductions. Professional dating experts, called Matchmakers, interview and get to know each client, build a profile, and meet everyone in person. . Clients then go on a date, arranged by IJL, with a potential candidate. Both clients  give feedback at the end of the date and to decide if they want to meet again. It’s Just Lunch DC has been touted the ‘First Date Experts’. By taking most of the pressure off the dating situation and by matching clients with the right people, IJL has been successful in pairing people with aligned values and true common interests.

About IJL: It's Just Lunch Washington DC is a dating service that matches professionals with others who share their interests and dating goals. Unlike dating sites, IJL offers discreet and individualized matchmaking services with guaranteed dates.

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