Jewelry Cleaner Solution Without Ammonia Becomes Amazon’s #1 New Release

  • Date: Nov 07, 2019
  • Category: Jewelry

BrightDiamonds’ recently launched jewelry cleaner solution has quickly emerged as the #1 new release on Amazon. This ammonia-free product can be used for cleaning diamond, gold, platinum and non-treated gemstone jewelry. Continue reading


Nov 07, 2019 /prREACH/ -- BrightDiamonds is pleased to announce that its recently launched jewelry cleaner solution is now the number one new release on Amazon. The manufacturer mentions that this high-quality polishing product is suitable for deep-cleaning any jewelry item made of diamonds, gold, platinum and non-treated gemstones. The product is available on Amazon.

According to BrightDiamonds, the company offers innovative, advanced and safe product solutions for cleaning diamond, gold, platinum, silver and precious stone jewelry. To deliver the best jewelry cleaner on the market, the company says it created a unique product that doesn't require any brush or machine. Users are only required to add the powder to boiling water and drop the jewelry in the solution. After a while, the solution should be drained out, followed by running the jewelry through cold water. The jewelry cleaner requires only about 10 minutes to clean any bracelet, chain, ring, earring or necklace thoroughly, the manufacturer says.

"The liquid solution penetrates small parts that are invisible to the naked eye. Our ammonia-free cleaner is capable of polishing jewelry items more effectively compared to digital ultrasonic machines, spray, steam, wipes, pastes, dazzler sticks, pens or kits. This is undoubtedly the best possible gift for any bling-loving women or men," said a spokesperson from BrightDiamonds.

"I used this product to clean several pieces of jewelry. The pieces were of different metals (gold, titanium, silver), as well as a ring with diamonds. I was not sure what would happen by simmering the jewelry, but the dirty water at the end proved to me that it works. All the pieces look shiny and the diamonds look pretty darn sparkly too! I would recommend this product to a friend for sure," a delighted user mentioned in her Amazon review.

Anyone interested in learning more about BrightDiamonds' jewelry cleaner powder should visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.



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