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    Julie Marie McDonough Book Still Making Waves Through Recent Video

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    Last year Julie Marie McDonough released a book titled, “How to Make Your Credit Score Soar”. The book outlines practical ways for individuals to mend low credit scores. This year, with the addition of a new YouTube video, the book is seeing even more success.

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    How to Make Your Credit Score Soar, a book published last year by author and personal finance guru Julie Marie McDonough, is back on top and making waves in the credit world through the introduction of a new accompanying video. The YouTube video, called 5 Ways Bad Credit Affects Us, can be found online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xli5sqC9h7s.

    While the book has been out of the spotlight for a few months, the latest video on McDonough's YouTube feed provides a link to the author's Amazon page where the book can be purchased in paperback or downloaded for Kindle. Julie has said the following about her work with the book and what she hopes to achieve by sharing the information inside; "Everyone can benefit from How to Make your Credit Score Soar. 25 years of experience as a Real Estate/Loan Broker and Credit Consultant went into in the book so that consumers can get the information they need to know about Credit, Personal Finances and Credit Scores in one easy resource. Numerous consumers have been able to better their credit and become homeowners, when they thought it was never possible. Many groups have been amazed how they were able to follow the simple advice in the book, increase their credit scores substantially in just a few months. Everyone should have the knowledge they need to experience the benefits of a good credit score."

    With a majority of five star ratings for the book over this past year, the latest video from McDonough has easily boosted sales further by supplying information on money management, homeownership, employment, rental property, auto loans, and credit cards, and how they affect the overall credit of those involved. These subjects are also outlined in the book, which breaks down the basics of a credit score, explains FICO, and even goes over the concept of budgeting to build better credit. One satisfied reader, A.K. Patel of San Dimas, CA writes; "How to Make Your Credit Score Soar is an inspiring book and Julie is an outstanding speaker which only comes by having knowledge of the subject. Very informative and useful information. Thanks for providing an amazing experience."

    McDonough encourages those suffering from debt and poor credit to try the book for themselves, and to continue watching for new videos on her YouTube channel. She has been open in her position on helping others, speaking passionately about the importance of good credit, and the ease by which it can be obtained.

    To learn more about Julie Marie McDonough and How to Make Your Credit Score Soar, please use the following contact information:

    Name: Julie Marie McDonough Phone: (951) 317-2118 Email: [email protected] Mailing Address: 39 Franciscan Place, Pomona, CA 91766 Website: www.TheCreditLady.info

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    “One out of three consumers has errors on their credit report. But most people are not looking at their credit report, they are looking at their credit score. As a Credit Expert my books helps consumers better their credit and meet their financial goals.”
    - Julie Marie McDonough
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    Julie Marie McDonough

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