K-ble Releases Extra Long (10 Feet) iPhone Compatible Premium Lightning Cable


To address the increasing consumer demand for a longer iPhone Lightning Cable for the mobile and connected consumer, K-ble has recently released the K-ble 10 feet long Lightning Cable to USB for Apple iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPod devices. Continue reading

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Mar 21, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Users of Apple devices now have more reasons to rejoice as K-ble just recently released the K-ble 10-feet Long Lightning USB Cable for the latest Apple iPhone and iPod devices.

The extra-long lightning USB cable by K-ble is compatible with Apple’s iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and the latest iPod devices which have been developed with the innovative Lightning cable.

K-ble is the innovative leader in the design, development and manufacturing of phone and digital accessories for the world’s top-rated gadgets and technology. Ranging from the production of connecting cables, cases and accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones and tablets to headphones, mini/portable speakers, K-ble stands as primus inter pares. K-ble’s achievement is founded upon its capacity to create and deliver quality phone and digital accessories and products that meet customers’ needs in terms of functionality, protection and fashion.

The K-ble 10-feet lightning cable was developed to meet the ever-increasing demand for a longer compatible iPhone Lightning Cable of mobile and connected consumers. K-ble Lightning Cable made of superior materials designed for heavy use fits into most iPhone cases and is designed for use in situations where the outlet is a distance away for instance, in bedrooms, hotel rooms or even airports. This is to ensure that customers are able to use the device while charging it. The most distinct feature of the K-ble Lightning Cable is its state-of-the-art data and syncing function which allows consumers collect, transfer, store and organize data seamlessly and without errors.

As with all phone accessories produced by K-ble, the K-ble extra-long Lightning Cable is 100%-certified to be compatible with Apple products (except iPads) as it underwent rigorous testing and scrutiny for compatibility to prevent the common problems encountered with cables by other manufacturers such as error screens and data corruption.

The premium 10-feet Lightning cable is placed on the market at a very competitive price. Originally tagged at $14.99 on Amazon but as of press time, K-ble is giving a 33% discount thereby slashing the price down to $9.99; plus free shipping for orders above $35. Each order also comes with a 1 year, hassle-free warranty.

The K-ble Lightning Cable ships out directly for the Amazon warehouse and buyers can either choose the two-day or one-day shipping option during checkout in order to receive the product on time. The quick delivery time is yet another advantage K-ble has over other overseas manufacturers or sellers who usually require at least three weeks delivery period.

K-ble makes an offer consumers will find irresistible. For more information and to make an order, visit http://www.amazon.com/K-ble-Premium-Lightning-generation-Generation/dp/B00I2FPESS/

“The K-ble Premium 10-feet Lightning Cable is simply perfect for those looking for quality and also the ability to use their phones while charging to stay connected,” says CEO of K-ble. “K-ble Lightning Cable is just the right answer for Apple device freaks like me because it has shown to be reliable, efficient and most importantly compatible with my iPhone and iPod devices,” comments Shirley Peters, a recent user of the K-ble Lightning Cable.
- Khalid Abdulla
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