The Kent Reporter names Lake Meridian Chiropractic Best of Kent for 2015


Kent, WA chiropractor Dr. Danene Saggau and the team at Lake Meridian Chiropractic have been honored by readers of the Kent Reporter, who voted the clinic #1 in this year’s Best of Kent competition.

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Nov 05, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Readers of the Kent Reporter have named Lake Meridian Chiropractic the Best of Kent for 2015.  For Dr. Danene Saggau and her team, this is a welcome sign of Community appreciation.  But it also stands for something more.

After being recognized as a Best of Kent Finalist in both 2013 and 2014, Dr. Saggau and the entire team at Lake Meridian Chiropractic set their sights on the number one spot for 2015.  But the real challenge was figuring out what needed to be done differently to achieve that mission. According to Dr. Saggau, “Everyone at the clinic—doctors, patient care coordinators and office management staff—recognized that the goal was to be 'Best of Kent.'  This became a focal point for how the clinic was managed and operated from day to day.  Every decision the team made about care, procedures and policies was considered from this perspective."

Competing for Best of Kent honors has focused the team’s energy and helped them refine the patient experience at Lake Meridian Chiropractic.  It has also raised the clinic’s profile within the broader Kent, WA community.  The result has been a dramatic increase in professional and patient referrals.  As medical doctors and neurologists have learned about the clinic's unique approach, they've referred more patients with headaches, migraines and symptoms related to motor vehicle accidents.  In many cases, these patients haven't had any prior experience with chiropractic care.  At the same time, patients are referring family members, friends and coworkers who have health problems that aren't responding to other kinds of treatment.

While this year's competition may be over, the commitment to a patient-centered approach is ongoing.  Over the next 12 months, Dr. Saggau and the team at Lake Meridian Chiropractic are working on a number of projects that will benefit their patients for years to come.  For example, the clinic is upgrading its electronic medical records (EMR) system this year to provide better communication tools are for both patients and doctors.  Plus, patients will also be able to use a self-check-in kiosk, which will save them time during every visit to the office.  According to Dr. Saggau, these kinds of changes are all about simplifying and streamlining the whole end-to-end experience as much as possible.

For Dr. Saggau, the community recognition itself is welcome, but it also reminds her of what matters most.  The clinic's goal has always been to deliver the highest standard of care. The patients' health--and their satisfaction--is really the motivation.  In some ways, Best of Kent is just a reflection of that.

About Lake Meridian Chiropractic

Lake Meridian Chiropractic has been providing high-quality, effective chiropractic care to the residents of Kent, WA since 1990.  The practice specializes in care for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients and offers treatments for a variety of injuries (including auto, sports, and workplace injuries) as well as other acute and chronic health conditions.  Doctors practicing at the clinic have specialized training and experience in a range of advanced treatment techniques, including Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments.

Lake Meridian Chiropractic 12901 SE Kent-Kangley RD Kent, WA 98030 (253) 630-1575

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Dr. Danene Saggau

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“It is such an honor to be voted Best of Kent by our community. My goal has always been for us to provide the highest quality care and to get the best results for our patients. Their health—along with their satisfaction—is what really motivates us. Best of Kent is just a reflection of that. It confirms what our patients tell us every day—that we’ve changed their lives for the better.”
- Dr. Danene Saggau
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