Keratin Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair Launched by Perfect Hair Focus


Perfect Hair Focus, the Irwindale, California based supplier of hair serum for frizzy hair, has highlighted the benefits of using olive oil for better hair health as a part of their 2018 campaign for promoting natural haircare products.


Aug 16, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Irwindale, CA: Perfect Hair Focus, the Irwindale, California based company is happy to announce the launch of their new keratin hair serum for frizzy hair that is currently available for sale in the Amazon Marketplace. This serum consists of an exclusive blend of natural essential oils and has been designed to rejuvenate weak, thin, and damaged hair and help them grow stronger and more healthy.

Allen Farrar, spokesperson at Perfect Hair Focus says, “Hair serums have now become an essential part of hair care for the modern women. By using our coconut oil hair serum, women can control common hair problems such as fizziness and dryness and make sure their hair remains strong and healthy.”

The primary ingredient of this product is Keratin, which happens to be one of the best known naturally occurring product that can effectively treat damaged hair. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in the hair that provides strength and lushness to one's tresses. Regular use reduces hair breakage as the keratin penetrates the hair follicles to deeply condition the hair right from the roots to its tips.

Perfect Hair Focus's keratin hair serum set is a quick and effective solution for hydrating and strengthening weak, frizzy hair. It is enriched with powerful ingredients such as sweet almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera extracts as well as keratin that together provide an extra layer of protection for one's hair while providing adequate moisture as well as shine.

This coconut oil hair serum has been developed with a scientific formula that strengthens and protects one's hair without causing any greasiness or damage, making it the perfect alternative for people with oily hair. This product is available in 50 ml bottles and is made completely in the USA. Those interested in Perfect Hair Focus’s latest product launch can learn more by visiting the company online or reading reviews of the products via their Amazon storefront. The brand is well known for using coconut oil for hair products, such as their natural shampoo range. Learn more about their brand here -


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Allen Farrar


Olive oil is more popularly known for its effectiveness as a cooking oil, but just as in the case of coconut oil, it can be an essential part of anyone's hair care routine. At Perfect Hair Focus, we have used olive oil to enhance our hair serum formula to and make it effective at managing damaged hair care.
- Allen Farrar
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