Keto Chocolate Bar & Plant-Based Brand Helps Fight Sugar Addiction

  • Date: Mar 25, 2020
  • Category: Health

YoFiit is helping the fight against sugar addiction with its keto chocolate bar, a plant-based snack with only two grams of naturally occurring sugar. The bars come in two great flavors, chocolate-vanilla and ginger-nutmeg.

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Concord, Ontario, Mar 25, 2020 /prREACH/ -- People wanting a tasty snack to help keep them satisfied through the day are turning to YoFiit and its keto chocolate bar, a 100% plant-based bar that satisfies one's sweet tooth without the addition of extra sugars or additives. CEO and founder of YoFiit, Marie Amazan, noted, "At YoFiit, we believe that our keto bars provide a solution to people to break away from sugar by eating a bar that is delicious and rich in benefits."

YoFiit keto-friendly chocolate bars come in two flavors, chocolate-vanilla and ginger-nutmeg. Both varieties contain only two grams of naturally occurring sugars. There are no additional sugars, erythritol, sugar alcohols or stevia in YoFiit products. This allows for sustained energy over time instead of providing the crash and burn experience.

Sugar addiction in North America has reached epidemic levels and people often don't even realize the amount of sugar they are consuming. Many healthy-sounding foods contain an alarming amount of hidden sugars. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, increased risk of cancer, weight gain, fatty liver disease and accelerated aging are just some examples of the health damage that sugar can cause.

"We now know that sugar addiction can be very strong. Our goal is to help solve these big issues caused by sugar addiction, whether it is obesity or cardiovascular diseases. So we are creating products that can help people in their journey of eating better and making them taste good is paramount," says Amazan.

YoFiit's Keto breakfast bars have already built a base of raving fans such as this customer who commented, "I try to stay mostly vegan and gluten-free, so these bars check the boxes for me as to what I can have — and they are hearty, tasty, and actually a little sweet. I love how they are made from natural, REAL ingredients."

As well as being keto-friendly, the bars are also suitable for anyone wanting foods that cater to vegan, paleo, raw and plant-based diets. They are also an excellent dairy, gluten and soy-free option.

For additional information about YoFiit and the company's complete product range, visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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