Keto Support for Men and Women with BHB Ketones Re-Launches on Amazon

  • Date: Jul 12, 2019
  • Category: Health

NamFon Nutrition, a growing manufacturer of healthy lifestyle products, has recently re-launched its keto support via Amazon. This product has been formulated to help users quickly achieve ketosis.


SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA, Jul 12, 2019 /prREACH/ -- NamFon Nutrition is pleased to announce that the company's latest product, Keto Genesis, has re-launched on Amazon. These keto pills are ideally suited for men and women looking to achieve ketosis without much delay. With BHB exogenous ketones, the brand's products help trigger and maintain ketosis, initiating the process of fat burning.

According to studies, under normal circumstances, the human body utilizes carbohydrates to synthesize energy for all of its physiological functions. However, while following a low-carbohydrate diet, there is a shift in this mechanism. In this state, the body starts breaking down its stored fat to generate energy. This metabolic state is known as ketosis. Thousands of men and women follow a keto diet to achieve this state.

"Keto Genesis is capable of delivering an energy and brain boost in just twenty minutes. Also, the users will be able to feel the benefits of the product immediately, rather than having to wait for a week. The nootropics present in the product are capable of overcoming the blood-brain barrier to provide instant energy and mental clarity to the brain. Researchers have also found that ketones help reduce anxiety by improving brain function," said a senior spokesperson from NamFon Nutrition.

In the initial stages of ketosis, many individuals experience keto-flu, with symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, and carb-craving. All these symptoms generally go away as soon as the person enters the deep ketosis state. Keto Genesis speeds up this process, and also functions as a natural appetite suppressant, says the company.

A Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified product, Keto Genesis has been verified, researched and tested to ensure quality. Each bottle contains sixty keto diet pills, recommended to be taken over a month. As part of this product launch, NamFon Nutrition is offering a free PDF ebook titled Ketogenic Diet 101: the Ultimate Guide & Recipes to all buyers. The manufacturer also offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

To find out more about NamFon Nutrition and Keto Genesis, please visit the company's website or Amazon storefront.


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