Khierstyn Ross Discusses E-commerce Launch Strategies on “Lunch With Norm”


Product launch expert, Khierstyn Ross, was the featured guest in the latest episode of the “Lunch with Norm” Facebook Live series. In this popular video series, serial entrepreneur, Norman Farrar, hosts discussions with distinguished industry experts. Continue reading


Aug 13, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar recently had the opportunity to welcome Khierstyn Ross to his popular Facebook Live series, "Lunch With Norm." Through this recently launched series, Farrar has been presenting insightful interviews featuring the most respected experts from different industries. His latest guest, Ross, is a product launch expert who specializes in go-to-market strategy for products using Kickstarter and other popular channels.

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During the interview, Ross explains that she has been offering specialized crowdfunding support over the last five years, using Kickstarter and Indiegogo. She had previously worked for seven years in a consulting business and with a couple of apps and offline businesses as a consultant. The start of her journey as a crowdfunding consultant in 2015 was a disaster. However, within a few months, she turned things around with a hugely successful re-launch campaign, Ross went from a $16,170 failure to a $592,742 success story.

Kickstarter is important for Amazon sellers, Ross says; it is an excellent platform from the community standpoint because millions of people interested in discovering new products visit it every month. According to her, crowdfunding can play a significant role for Amazon sellers who are not looking to use it as their main marketplace but to build a social media presence, or build a brand with differentiated products.

"I think people don't take the time to talk to their market. If you are developing a product, it's most likely because you had a problem in your life, and you are solving it," she said. "People make the horrible mistake of assuming that they know their market; they know their customer. You really have to take the time to go out and talk to your market one on one and get to understand them. People don't spend enough time doing that, and it costs them a lot of money."

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Khierstyn helps physical product owners have 6-figure physical product launches using Kickstarter and Shopify. She has sold millions online for dozens of companies, including Ceres Chill, Pavlok,, Tapplock,,,, Sago Mini, and many more. | [email protected] | | | |



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