Kickapoo Roofing Launches Free Hail Inspection Program


To quote the house Stark, ‘Winter is Coming’ and it’s important for people to know their home is ready for the long haul once again. The recent hail storms that ripped through Wisconsin makes homes extra vulnerable to the snow, ice, and cold temps that are on the way. Continue reading

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Aug 08, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Wisconsin-based Kickapoo Roofing has amped up their free home inspection package in light of recent hail storms that ripped through the state. Pre-winter inspections are important every year, but the company urges how critical it is to have an expert's view with so many homes being affected by hail damage.

The company's free inspection program is aimed at getting local homes repaired from the hail and prepared for the cold. The goal is to fix any damage now and not have to wait until the issues escalate and emergency conditions arise during the brutal winter. In the process, customers avoid paying higher-than-necessary utility bills while having the comfort of knowing that the structure of their home is prepared for snow and ice loads.

Kickapoo stresses that the home is very vulnerable to winter havoc from the foundation all the way up to the roof. Hail damaged gutters can leak or become dammed up with ice and lead to fascia rot, holes in siding lead to sheathing rot and allow rodents access to winter nesting areas. Gaps around windows and doors can also be a huge source of energy loss.

Kickapoo states that another important reason to take advantage of these free 'post-hail-pre-winter' inspections is to make sure your roof is in stable condition. Undetected leaks can compromise the roof structure especially when snow and ice build up over the winter. Kickapoo Roofing makes sure the roof is structurally sound not only from the outside, but from the interior as well.

Kickapoo Roofing is a Western Wisconsin-based, local contractor with over 2 decades of experience in the construction trades industry. They have also been licensed in insurance adjusting for the past 10 years. The combination of these two skill sets gives a great understanding of what is typically damaged in a storm - and how to most effectively go about handling insurance claim related repairs. This is an asset that is passed on to the customer for peace of mind, at no cost, in the case of their inspection program.

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The goal of our free inspection program is to evaluate the damage of the recent hail storms to make sure our customer's homes are ready for Winter. Roofing, siding, and gutter damage especially can lead to higher utility bills, foundation damage, wood rot, and other issues as we transition seasons. The best time to fix these issues is in the Fall under optimum conditions, not in 0° emergency Winter situations.
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