Kickstarter Strategy: Press Releases Build Brand Awareness Before Product Launch


Product Launchpad director, Khierstyn Ross, recently shared a valuable Kickstarter strategy, utilizing press releases to build brand awareness and online presence before launching a product online.


Toronto, Ontario, Jun 22, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Product Launchpad founder, Khierstyn Ross, shares how press releases are an essential tool to build brand awareness before launching a product online.  According to Ross, the explosion of social media and online marketplaces has turned the press release into a secret weapon in building brand awareness and promoting online presence. Press releases are also a more cost-effective way to achieve content marketing over the more expensive options of advertisements or PPC campaigns.

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"I'm an expert in all things product launches, from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, to Shopify. I love empowering business owners with the essential product launch strategies that support explosive growth, and I teach people how to find freedom by becoming successful e-commerce entrepreneurs," says Ross.

She goes on to explain, "Press releases are used to announce news, and there is nothing more newsworthy concerning your business than a new product being launched."

Press releases have many benefits, some of which include:

  • Ranking a business higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and showing up on local search results
  • Converting viewers and readers into paying customers
  • Increasing sales using consistently distributed content
  • Helping products launch, rank and stick in Amazon's A9 algorithm
  • Directing an immense amount of traffic to the listing and brand
  • Establishing brand authority in a niche

To assist product creators in navigating a successful Kickstarter launch, Ross created the Product Launchpad, an exclusive community of product creators and business owners. The community provides the information needed to launch and scale products, as well as the access to Ross and her expert team, who stand behind their guarantee to success.

Ross designed her service for people who are launching their next product online and want to use the pre-order model of crowdfunding to raise enough capital to cover cash flow for their next inventory run. It's also for people who are looking to build their audience, gain social proof and build a brand.

The Product Launchpad is engineered to deliver mentorship and access through a private Facebook community, advanced strategies and training, hands-on support, contractor database, campaign processes and leading industry support.

For those interested in additional information about Ross and her product launch Strategy, please visit the official website.


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