Kitchen Compost Bin Countertop-Style Pleases Environmentally Conscious Users


Third Rock’s recently launched kitchen compost bin countertop-style is now emerging as a popular product on Amazon. This home composting kit has been appreciated by environmentally responsible homeowners. Continue reading

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Ashgrove, QLD, Dec 13, 2019 /prREACH/ -- As the worldwide drive to minimize waste generation and disposal gathers momentum, Third Rock is playing its part in helping homeowners transition into a waste-free lifestyle. The company's kitchen compost bin countertop is designed specifically for individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of waste they contribute to the world's landfills. The brand reports an upswing in positive feedback from environmentally responsible homeowners.

The rapid pace of population growth, economic activity, urbanization and industrialization is associated with accelerated waste generation. Inadequate waste management is a serious environmental problem, which is even more pronounced when it comes to biodegradable municipal solid waste. Composting is an alternative for recycling biodegradable organic waste, transforming it into organic fertilizer for farms and gardens while bypassing disposal in landfills.

"Biodegradable solid wastes are usually incinerated or dumped in open areas, which may cause health and environmental issues. Also, the incineration of biodegradable wastes with high moisture content results in the release of dioxins, highly toxic and persistent pollutants that pose a threat to humans and the environment," says a spokesperson from Third Rock. "Composting has several advantages over incineration and land-filling, and it is an effective solution to recycle such wastes. This is because it has lower operating costs, reduces environmental impacts, and, most importantly, the final product can be used as fertilizer."

Third Rock's compost bucket for kitchen is easy to use and can function with or without compostable bags or liners, according to the brand. Users are required to pile their food waste into the bucket and secure the lid. Third Rock mentions that an important design feature of the product is its double-layer of power-coated .5 mm carbon and stainless-steel lid ring. There is also an in-lid charcoal filter that keeps the container odor-and-fly-free.

"Love this kitchen composter! When we dump it into the outside compost bin, it is easy to wash out the bottom. The top simply wipes clean; I also bought a pack of filters. When I open it, depending on what I have previously thrown into it, the odor is not always great. But closed, we never smell a thing! It looks good in our kitchen and is a reminder to our family and friends that even small things we do can make a large difference for our planet," a recent buyer mentioned in his Amazon review.

To find out more about Third Rock's kitchen compost bin, please visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.



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