Knitmoji World Launches Knitting Bag on Amazon


Knitmoji World, the premium emoji app for knitting enthusiasts, has launched a knitting bag, yarn storage and crochet organizer on Amazon.

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Jul 27, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Knitmoji World, the emoji app for the knitting community, has launched their first product on the Amazon marketplace, a one of its kind yarn tote bag that doubles up as a knitting and crochet organizer.

According to EJ Gordon, Founder at Knitmoji World, “Knitting has been re-established in prominence from its classic hobby days, with both women and men learning new techniques and utilizing exotic wool and beautiful hand-dyed yarns. There’s a phenomenal vibrancy to this world-wide community of modern knitters who enjoy this relaxing and incredibly creative craft. Our goal is to keep providing unique content and solutions targeted towards this community, starting with our free to download emoji app that provides knitters with dozens of fun knitting themed emojis that they can share, along with the option of subscribing to the latest designer patterns and video tutorial lessons from our award-winning influencer Michele Meadows, to our amazing private Facebook group where knitters from around the globe share ideas and socialize. This awesome exclusive group, normally reserved for those subscribing to our pattern and lesson service, is now open to anyone purchasing our new knitting tote bag.”

The tote bag doubles as a yarn storage organizer and is a stylish alternative to lugging an everyday tote bag to hold one’s knitting essentials. It has specially designed exterior pockets to help keep knitting needles, scissors, and crochet hooks securely in place while one’s moving about town. With detachable shoulder straps and a comfortable handle, this tote bag is easy to carry, no matter how you prefer to carry it. With spacious interiors, it also contains a 4-way divider that helps keep different knitting projects in separate sections.

“This tote bag is adorned with Infinity, she’s our most popular emoji by far!” continues Gordon. “It is a cute living ball of yarn character that is called Infinity due to the concept that knitters can’t buy enough yarn, or find those special new patterns to knit, or even get enough tips and lessons on knitting.”

The best part about Knitmoji World’s knitting tote bag is the free 1-year access to their private knitting group that is mentored by Michele Meadows, an award-winning designer and master knitter. This ergonomic bag is already proving to be a hit with Amazon customers, with one buyer stating, “Love this bag! Big enough to hold not only your project but everything you’ll need. It’s also so well constructed and easy to carry.” To learn more about Knitmoji World and their products, visit their official Amazon storefront.

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EJ Gordon


Knitting is swiftly gaining more prominence as a hobby, with both men and women learning to enjoy this relaxing and incredibly creative craft. Our goal is to keep providing unique content and solutions targetted towards this community, starting with our emoji app that provides knitting enthusiasts with 1000's of emojis to choose from along with this new knitting bag that we have launched for knitters to organize all their needles, yarns, and patterns comfortably in one place.
- EJ Gordon
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