Krill Oil Company Shares the Importance of Bioavailability


Trusted health and research company, Daiwa Health Development, has shared how bioavailability can impact the efficiency of a product. The company’s krill oil was launched recently on Amazon.


Gardena, CA , May 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- The experienced research team at Daiwa Health Development has recently discussed the importance of bioavailability in ensuring the high-efficiency of health products. The company strives to create new value in the field of bioscience by investing heavily in research, product innovation and total quality management. The company's latest krill oil capsules have already received a very promising response on Amazon.

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According to Hank Cheatham, the senior spokesperson for Daiwa, "When a nutrient is highly bioavailable, it can be digested and absorbed a high percentage of the time and dependably. On the contrary, when it's poorly bioavailable, digestion and absorption can be much more difficult and much less predictable. Enhancers make the effects of a nutrient stronger, cancel out the effects of inhibitors, or increase absorption rates. Meanwhile, inhibitors may reduce bioavailability by binding with nutrients and impeding their absorption, rendering certain nutrients insoluble (and thus unavailable for absorption) or by competing for the same uptake system."

A Daiwa researcher continues, explaining, "In fish oil, nutrients mostly take the form of triglycerides, which are a molecular structure combining three fatty acids, such as EPA and DHA, for example, that are esterified (bonded) to a glycerol backbone. In krill oil, fatty acids take the form of phospholipids, which are among the most common fatty acids in our bodies and form the basic components of our cell membranes. The omega-3s that are bound to phospholipids in krill oil can be absorbed quicker and more efficiently."

A recent customer was generous in her praise, writing, "I've taken different brands of fish oils before, but this was the first product that I could genuinely feel a difference after taking it regularly. I feel mentally sharper, and my complexion shifted. After a full week of the krill oil, my scalp psoriasis started to dissipate. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more it clears up!"

Daiwa's krill oil capsules have been manufactured using responsibly sourced Antarctic krill. In addition to the high-bioavailability of EPA and DHA, the product also provides omegas-6-and-9 in a ratio that is compatible with the human body.

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