Lake Meridian Chiropractic Celebrates 25th Anniversary Serving the Kent, WA Community


Lake Meridian Chiropractic of Kent, WA is celebrating 25 years helping people of all ages recover from injury and illness so that they can live fuller, happier lives.

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Nov 07, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Lake Meridian Chiropractic of Kent, WA is celebrating its silver anniversary, but if the clinic's founder, Dr. Danene Saggau, was asked, she’d say that she’s already received the perfect gift—the satisfaction of knowing that she and her colleagues have helped to change many of their neighbors’ lives for the better over the past 25 years.

The community has grown and changed in ways that Dr. Saggau couldn’t have imagined when her husband, Dean, first chose the office location on Kent-Kangley Road back in 1990. Even then, it was a convenient place for patients to come for care. Plus it was near where she and her family lived themselves. On the East Hill of Kent, it still offers a beautiful view of Mount Rainier today. In its first year, Lake Meridian Chiropractic provided care through about 2,000 patient visits. By 2014 that number had grown ten-fold. During that same time, Dr. Saggau has had the privilege of helping to train and mentor ten other healthcare providers who have worked alongside her at the clinic.

While each staff member has brought something special to the practice over the years, Dr. Saggau believes that the core values of the practice haven’t changed very much. According to Dr. Saggau, what makes Lake Meridian Chiropractic unique is its patient-centric approach. “The team understands that patients have a choice of healthcare providers, and everyone—from the doctors to the care coordinators and the office operations staff—does their best to show patients how much they are appreciated. When they step into the office, they’re greeted with a welcome gift, a tour of the office and a beverage. And the clinic is committed to working with patients’ busy schedules by having appointments available at convenient times and by accommodating last-minute walk-in appointments.”

But a friendly atmosphere and convenient office hours aren’t the main reasons most patients come to Lake Meridian Chiropractic. They come to the clinic for results. According to Dr. Saggau, “From a clinical point of view, what sets Lake Meridian Chiropractic apart from other clinics is the atlas orthogonal approach, which allows gentle, specific alignment that delivers fast results without a patient experiencing the anxiety, discomfort or pain that sometimes comes with traditional chiropractic techniques. Patients are often amazed at how much better they feel after just the first treatment. And from there on out, things just keep improving with every visit.” Over the years, results are the reason Lake Meridian Chiropractic has continued to grow. They’re the reason that the clinic receives so many medical and patient referrals today—the sort of old-fashion, word-of-mouth advertising that Dr. Saggau and her team truly appreciate. “When someone is sent to Lake Meridian Chiropractic—whether by another patient or by a healthcare professional—the staff recognizes the trust that’s being placed in the clinic and the responsibility that goes along with that trust. This is how most patients first learn about the clinic.”

While Dr. Saggau looks back on the past 25 years with a sense of accomplishment, she also looks forward to the future with a sense of excitement. “There’s been so much change in the field of healthcare, and patients will continue to benefit from clinical advancements as well as improvements in the way care is coordinated and managed. The move to electronic medical records (EMR) is just one great example."

Dr. Saggau and her team recognized the benefits early and moved to EMR before the government required it. This means that the clinic’s patients have benefitted from more thorough notes and better communication with insurance companies. Looking ahead to the next few years, Dr. Saggau anticipates adding a variety of new services. “This will be about responding to patients’ desire for more convenience, which is just one way the clinic’s patient-centric approach will continue to evolve so that Lake Meridian Chiropractic will remain patients’ provider of choice.”

About Lake Meridian Chiropractic

Lake Meridian Chiropractic has been providing high-quality, effective chiropractic care to the residents of Kent, WA since 1990. The practice specializes in care for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients and offers treatments for a variety of injuries (including auto, sports, and workplace injuries) as well as other acute and chronic health conditions. Doctors practicing at the clinic have specialized training and experience in a range of advanced treatment techniques, including Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments.

Lake Meridian Chiropractic 12901 SE Kent-Kangley RD Kent, WA 98030 (253) 630-1575

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“What makes us unique is our patient-centric approach. We know patients have a choice of healthcare providers, and we always want them to know how much we appreciate them choosing us..."
- Dr. Danene Saggau
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