Leading Printed Circuit Board Company Launches Website


JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards launches new website.

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Jan 05, 2015 /prREACH/ -- From single layer, double layer and multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCB) for various applications in fields such as the automotive industry, medical equipment, telecommunications, home appliances, textile machines and of course computers, JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on the development and manufacturing of PCB's for customers worldwide since 2009. Because of the need of specialized requirements for each individual customer, the company had worked over the past few years primarily on streamlining the process of analyzing these requests and creating systems to handle them. This benefited all their customers because quality is always a priority but reliable scalability is something all other PCB manufacturers continue to have issues with. The success and reputation of JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in taking care of this has allowed them to expand even more to a level where a new website was necessary to feature every process they can handle plus all the benefits.

When a visitor comes to the website, the complex process of what JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd goes through from research and development, to the details of the development of internet control systems, videos of robotics facilitating the speed and accuracy of finished products, are all easily understandable because of the intuitive layout tested ongoing by the web design team. Some examples of the characteristics in unique client situations encountered by the company are well documented and discussed in order to be transparent about the process. The company believes this would help those clients that can extrapolate this data and make it more applicable to their own product development project. Hopefully, the revelation of these particular aspects makes the whole process more accessible to anyone who desires to learn more about the PCB industry, as well as inspire those who have creative ideas to feel comfortable enough to contact them and take things to the next level.

Inclusion of social media elements are all in place on the website, which is a feature other PCB manufacturers neglect to include. By committing to ongoing updates and constant improvement through analysis of relevant feedback, JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd looks forward to all the opportunities the new website will open up for the company.

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