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    LeParfait Sets Social Media Abuzz With New Product Line

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    LeParfait has set the online world abuzz with its line of innovative products. Consistently trending on Facebook, Twitter, and the Amazon network, the company delivers quality items at affordable prices.

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    LeParfait is set to achieve a new level of popularity and market dominance as indicated by its increasing follower base on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even the Amazon network. The company has attracted a large segment of new online customers recently, many of which are users of the company’s facial creams and eye creams.

    Containing a unique ingredient known as apple stem cells, LeParfait’s Under Eye Cream was developed in conjunction with a Swiss firm. Apple stem cells are developed from cultured stem cells obtained from a rare variety of apple that exhibits remarkable regenerative properties. Users of the cream have reported a marked improvement in the appearance of their skin within several days after first application.

    The new cream has also been lauded for its benefits with regard to lightening darkened skin under the eyes. Serving as an effective sunscreen, the cream may be used under makeup as part of a daily skin care/grooming regimen. Like most of the company’s products, the LeParfait cream can be used by men and women of all skin types.

    LeParfait’s growing online customer base is an indication of the company’s focus on delivering new and even better products and a better customer experience. With scores of positive comments coming in from customers via social media sites, LeParfait has shown its appreciation by sending out samples of new apple stem nail renewal and lip balm products. Fully committed to providing the highest level of customer service, the company employs an effective online strategy in which social media plays a crucial role.

    With exclusive product launches and special offers, the company has utilized the range and power of social media to remarkably effective result. One recent offer provided the company’s Facebook followers with the opportunity to receive the company’s 2-Minute Face Lift cream (priced at $44.95) for free.

    Products such as the aforementioned 2-Minute Face Lift cream, as well as Under Eye Cream, Vitamin C Serum, and the other products in the company’s line reflect LeParfait’s equal dedication to providing quality service and espousing a healthy lifestyle. The company also offers the 5-Minute Neck and Chin Lift cream that targets the skin around the neck, jawline, and chin, and Pure Organic Argan Oil, which is useful for treating and hydrating nails and skin.

    More recently, LeParfait’s Under Eye Cream with Apple Stem Cell has begun to attract a sizeable online customer base of its own. With users reporting better looking and better hydrated skin within weeks, LeParfait is poised to reaffirm its online presence with the innovative eye cream.

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    “LeParfait has set social media abuzz with its line of affordably-priced quality products.”
    - Keith Harris
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