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    LL87 New York City – Carleton Energy Consulting Shares Basic Info About LL87 NYC

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    Local Law 87 NYC Specialist, Carleton Energy Consulting, Publishes Helpful Information Regarding Local Law 87 in New York City.

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    Carleton Energy Consulting specializing in LL 87 New York City Auditing, Retro-commissioning, energy auditing, consulting, solutions, procurement and boiler management shares basic information and tips concerning local law 87 in New York City.

    Local Law 87 was created to help control the hazardous greenhouse gases that powerful cities can create. “With a thriving industrial and commercial community, New York City buildings require a tremendous amount of energy consumption,” said Jeff Carleton, President of CEC.

    According to Carleton, the law was implemented to reduce greenhouse gases in the city’s largest buildings and has by as much as 6 percent. The law requires certain buildings to undergo a regular energy audit for assessing equipment, systems and operations.

    “The audit helps building owners identify strategies for reducing energy costs and consumption, while providing recommendations and proven strategies to obtain those goals”, said Carleton. He continued, “The audit can also save businesses a great deal of money by helping re-tune an older building’s system to meet compliance with healthy emissions”. Here is some useful information and tips on Local Law 87:

    A Local Law 87 audit covers a few basic areas including the HVAC, lighting, pipe insulation, hot water, conveying systems, building envelope and electrical systems. Currently, the NYC Department of Buildings enforces the law, in efforts to keep a wide range of industry and commercial property owners in compliance. For building owners who do not comply by a specified date, stiff penalties and fines follow, as well as an eventual cease of operations. Staying on top of energy use is a smart strategy, and in light of the law, an important goal for running a successful business.

    Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts to compliance. Not only are energy audits required on a regular basis, but they occur randomly. The Department of Building will ensure business owners stay in compliance at all times.

    Hiring professional services like those provided by Carleton Energy Consulting may be the right choice for business owners interested in pursuing auditing and retro-commissioning of buildings. If you are interested in learning more, contact Carleton Energy Consulting for a complete outline of needs with steps required to conduct an audit on your buildings.

    Carleton Energy and Consulting founded in 2012 focuses on energy compliance, efficiency and green services. We provide compliance through energy auditing services, retrofitting, benchmarking, and online fuel systems management as well as proven reduction methods for electricity usage, water usage and fuel.

    For more information about Carleton Energy Consulting go to http://CarletonEC.com or call 516-672-8277.

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    With a thriving industrial and commercial community, New York City buildings require a tremendous amount of energy consumption
    - Jeff Carleton
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