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    Local Houston Trial Attorney Presents At Medical Ethics Conference In Rome

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    Texas trial attorney Sean Tracey recently delivered an informative lecture in Rome, Italy on the ethical issues that he sees in today’s pharmaceutical industry through his experience in medical malpractice and dangerous drug litigation. Topics included the marketing, efficacy and dangers of many of today’s prescription antidepressant drugs.

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    Houston, TX - Sean P. Tracey, managing partner of Houston-based law firm Tracey & Fox, was invited to present at the 30th Annual Notre Dame Medical Ethics Conference held in Rome, Italy on March 10th, 2015.

    Each year the Medical Ethics Conference brings together leading scholars and professionals from various fields - including medicine, philosophy, technology and law - to discuss current ethical issues in modern medicine and healthcare. In attendance this year were medical students, physicians, nurses, health care administrators and many other medical professionals interested in learning about current moral and social challenges faced in today’s healthcare industry.

    The Corruption of Science by Pharma - A Lecture By Sean P. Tracey

    With ethics in medicine and healthcare being the main theme of the week, Sean Tracey spoke to attendees about many of the ethical issues that he sees in today’s pharmaceutical industry through his experience in medical malpractice and dangerous drug litigation.

    In his lecture “The Corruption of Science by Pharma”, Sean highlighted the inherent conflict of interest that often exists between the business goals of today’s profit-oriented pharmaceutical companies, and the overall safety of the public. Specifically, Sean discussed important issues concerning the marketing, efficacy, risks and research associated with today’s antidepressant drugs. For example, global pharmaceutical companies currently allocate roughly twice the amount of sales revenue to marketing drugs than they do on the research and development of those drugs.

    Medicine & Healthcare: Aligning the Goals of Business & Society

    In addition to highlighting these and other issues, Sean stressed the need for a return to independent academic research in today’s medical field, which is currently being dominated by the commercial interests of today’s pharmaceutical companies.

    Overall this informative lecture shed much-needed light on some of the most pressing issues in today’s pharmaceutical industry and advocated a prioritization of the overall health and well being of society over the profits of drug manufacturing firms.

    About Sean P. Tracey: Sean Patrick Tracey is a board-certified Texas trial attorney and a managing partner of Houston based personal injury law firm Tracey & Fox. Sean has more than 20 years of experience representing individuals in pharmaceutical litigation and many other practice areas throughout the nation.

    About Tracey & Fox Law Firm: Tracey & Fox is a personal injury law firm based in Houston, TX. The trial attorneys of Tracey & Fox represent individuals who have been injured in accidents throughout the State of Texas. Tracey & Fox was recently nominated for a 2014 National Litigators Award.

    For more information about Sean Tracey and the Tracey & Fox Law Firm, visit http://traceylawfirm.com.

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