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    Local Law 84 New York Checklist: Comply With Local Law 84 Before May 1st

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    New York City Local Law 84 (LL 84) Benchmarking & Compliance Specialists, Carleton Energy Consulting, Gives Building Owners Last Minute Tips on How to Comply with Local Law 84 Before May 1st.

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    New York City, NY 10025 - Carleton Energy Consulting (CEC), professional energy consulting services, specializes in Local Law 84 (LL84) benchmarking compliance, energy auditing, consulting, solutions, procurement and boiler management.

    “In New York City, building owners with lots of 50,000 square feet or more are required to comply with Local Law 84. Reporting is mandatory before May 1st,” says Jeff Carleton, President of Carleton Energy Consulting. For property owners who are wondering what needs to be done, here is a checklist to get them started. To comply with the May 1 deadline, owners must do the following:

    Report Water and Energy Use Data - Using the free online benching tool (Energy Star Portfolio Manager), report water and energy use from the prior year. Usage data must be logged for January through December of the previous year into the Portfolio Manager. Use the template provided: NYC LL84 Benchmarking 2014 Compliance Report. The template will help create a customized compliance report for each property that can be submitted to the city. Remember to use the correct template for the correct year as they are updated annually.

    If the May 1 Deadline is Missed - If owners fail to gather reporting data in time and miss the May 1 deadline, they may still be able to comply as long as they submit their reports before the next quarterly deadlines of August 1, November 1 and February 1. However, violations will be issued for owners who fail to comply by May 1 and a penalty of $500 will be assessed. Additional violations and penalties of $500 per quarter will be assessed if they miss the extended deadlines of August, November and February. Fines cannot exceed $2,000 per year.

    Professional Guidance and Assistance Complying with Local Law 84 Regulations - Building owners looking for help complying with Local Law 84 have options. With a proven record of energy savings for clients, Carleton Energy Consulting (CEC) is available to assist with a broad range of energy efficiency measures leading to conservation, savings and code compliance. Backed by solid expertise and a team of dedicated professionals, CEC offers continuous energy efficiency services for complete compliance with New York City Local Law 84 & 87.

    May 1 is coming soon. For building owners in New York City who haven’t taken steps to comply with Local Law 84, now is the time. For expert guidance leading to energy conservation, savings and code compliance, trust Carleton Energy Consulting and get peace of mind.

    About Carleton Energy Consulting

    Carleton Energy and Consulting founded in 2012 focuses on energy compliance, efficiency and green services. We provide compliance through energy auditing services, retrofitting, benchmarking, and online fuel systems management as well as proven reduction methods for electricity usage, water usage and fuel.

    Jeff Carleton, principal and founder, of CEC has been involved with property management, online boiler management and real estate for over 10 years. We take a “hands-on” approach, making our clients’ road to compliance and work with owners, managers, superintendents and other building staff.

    For more information about Carleton Energy Consulting go to http://CarletonEC.com or call 516-672-8277.

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    In New York City, building owners with lots of 50,000 square feet or more are required to comply with Local Law 84. Reporting is mandatory before May 1st
    - Jeff Carleton
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