Los Angeles, California Continues to Lead the Nation in Cash Buyer Volume


Kent Clothier has released the second in his series of monthly reports on the nation’s top 100 Cash Buyer Markets and Los Angeles, California Tops the list once more. Continue reading

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Feb 25, 2014 /prREACH/ -- (San Diego, CA. February 24, 2014) -- Kent Clothier has once again released the Real Estate World Wide (REWW) Cash Buyers Report on the top 100 cash buyer markets across the nation, giving real estate investors an edge to focus on.

As traditional lending becomes more of a challenge with the new mortgage rules that went into effect as of mid January, cash buyers are more important than ever to the real estate investor's buyers list.

According to a report by Realtor.org, the number of all cash buyers increased by 33% in January, which is up 1% from the month prior, and up by 5% from January 2013. Most of these cash buyers were real estate investors. In fact, individual real estate investors purchased 20% of all homes last month, and 70% of those paid cash.

Clothier's cutting edge system Find Cash Buyers Now by Real Estate World Wide (REWW) not only helps investors find and connect with cash buyers, but it generates monthly reports on the top cash buyer markets in the nation, and Clothier has generously released a special top 100 report, which is free to download from his website.

With a staggering 139,347 transactions taking place at a total dollar volume of $17,471,648,105, this is one report that, real estate investors say, is worth paying attention to.

Los Angeles, California, once again, topped the list of cash buyer markets at 2,805 transactions, with a total dollar volume of $677,500,401.

Louden, Tennessee brought up the rear of the report at #100, with 128 transactions at a total dollar volume of $42,818,332.

Clothier and REWW have been producing cutting edge real estate investment systems for years now, giving real estate investors all over the nation a competitive advantage where needed.

With ever shifting markets and changing rules, the ability to find and contact motivated sellers, cash buyers and private moneylenders is more important than ever for the real estate investor who wants to stay ahead of the game.

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